Project team:

Client: Hiroshi Ikeda, Hongodai Christ Church
Architects: Takeshi Hosaka Architects
Structural engineers: Ove Arup & Partners Japan Ltd., Hitoshi Yonamine

05. Aug 2011

User-oriented school
The Hongodai Christ Church School and nursery in Yokohama/J

Text: Alison Ritter
Photos: Masao Nishikawa

The USA based Heschong Mahone Group is world famous for their research on the effect of
daylighting on school children’s learning performance. In 2001 they carried out an analysis on daylighting in schools on behalf of the California Energy Commission and in 2003 completed a further study on how physical comfort conditions in classrooms are associated with student learning. Based on this knowledge and understanding, other designers started changing their attitude towards lighting in schools. That is good news! There are now architects, lighting designers and researchers who have compiled reports on the topic or are currently studying in this field.
When the architects and engineers designing the Hongodai Christ Church School and Nursery in Yokohama, Japan embarked on the project, daylight was to be the key feature of the learn-and-play environment. In addition, they were also required to design and build a structure that would withstand earthquakes – and just a few months after completion they were put to test. […]


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