Client: Klapper & Niethardt Partnerschaftsgesellschaft
Landscape architects: Klapper & Niethardt Partnerschaftsgesellschaft
Lighting design: Studio DL
Project partners: Leipziger Leuchten
Renderings: Studio DL, Klapper | Niethardt | Partner

05. Jul 2013

Grass roots
Organic lighting design for a natural coastal landscape

Text: Sonja Kiekens
Photos: Studio DL, Leipziger Leuchten

There are few lighting design jobs that involve more risks than holiday resorts with beach promenades. They appear to be so straightforward, but given that the goal is to communicate both genius loci holiday flair, it soon becomes clear that an off-the-shelf solution will not be the answer. To develop an exceptional design you need an exceptional idea.

Germany’s Baltic Sea coast is not exactly famous for the year-long high temperatures and healthy humidity that many summer holiday destinations are known for. It is more the virtually untouched landscapes and the occasionally rough seas that visitors to coastal resorts on the Baltic Sea have come to appreciate. They prefer to while away the day rather than party through the night. The small town of Niendorf, not far from Baltic hotspot Timmendorf Beach, is a nature-lover’s paradise.

In 2011, Timmendorf Beach local council together with the resort administration office in Niendorf decided to invest in a new concept for the tourist centres in the area, which included the renovation of the promenade in Niendorf. Part of enhancing the old seafront area encompassed a new, innovative and eco-friendly lighting concept in order to create a unique feature for this picturesque and popular holiday destination on the German Baltic coast.

Despite the fact that Niendorf is part of the municipality of Timmendorf Beach, the town is certainly striving to portray its own identity through an overall design concept. Niendorf’s website presents the location as the ideal holiday destination for families with children and those craving a comfortable break at the seaside, no frills attached. However, it is also a paradise for lovers of the outdoors and offers ample scope for outdoor sports activities. The lighting concept picks up on the prevailing natural conditions and addresses the town’s request for a custom-made design for the beach promenade location. At the same time it takes into account the wide range of visitors to the area. The new concept with its sustainable lighting solution has rendered Niendorf a glowing example of an ecologically sensitive seaside community.

The concept for “A Hint of Light – lightscape Niendorf” is oriented towards the design developed by landscape architects Klapper & Niehardt. The newly developed promenade has been divided into clearly defined light zones: the road running adjacent to the beach, the promenade for pedestrians and cyclists, a square serving as a central meeting point and aptly named “Beach Balcony”, and the beach itself as the main point of attraction. […]


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