20. Oct 2014

Poetry and interaction

Project proposal and photos: Partikel Plan – Studio Drift, DUS, Digiluce and Rombout Frieling

The well over 500-year-old Chapel Bridge and Water Tower are key landmarks in the City of Lucerne/CH. To render the bridge befittingly visible at night, the “Chapel Bridge and Water Tower Interest Group” staged a design competition to find a suitable and creative lighting scheme. Nine project proposals were submitted and the winners were the Dutch team “Partikel Plan”, comprising four creative design studios: Studio Drift, DUS, Digiluce and Rombout Frieling. The winning project envisages an interactive lighting installation, whereby people crossing the bridge trigger unique patterns of light on the bridge roof and railings.

With the aid of 27 projectors and video mapping a total of six different light scenes are to be displayed on the bridge roof and railings at different times of the year and on special occasions. Every roof tile and joist will become a pixel. In winter, effects resembling snow falling on the roof can be generated. Thanks to sensors built into the underside of the roof, people crossing the bridge will automatically activate the animations. The animations will not be pre-programmed patterns, but will be continually recalculated depending on the presence of users on the bridge. Thus the appearance of the bridge will remain interesting for the onlooker.

A subtle and fascinating spectacle that also reflects wonderfully in the water.


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