20. Nov 2015

This way up! 

Photos: A. Pilgrim-foto

The “Himmelstreppe” (Stairway to Heaven) in Meschede/D is an extension of the Henneboulevard that runs through the centre of Meschede through the newly designed city park behind the communal centre to the foot of the Henne Dam. The team from Planwerk Essen decided to illuminate the flights of steps and lend the path leading up to the crest of the dam a symbolic “ray of hope”.

Viewed in the daytime, a stairway apparently leading up to heaven clearly has a lot of metaphorical meaning. But having your attention suddenly drawn to a glowing flight of steps in the middle of a wooded area at night looks more than promising… A little like climbing Mount Olympus.

The “Himmelstreppe” comprises 328 steps that lead from the foot of the dam to the 140 square metre viewing platform at the top, the shape of which is outlined by LED strip lighting. LED lighting has also been integrated into the handrail that runs up the centre of the steps. This lighting is switched on the same circuit as the road lighting.

Project team:

Client: City of Meschede/D
Landscape architects: Landschaft planen + bauen NRW GmbH, Dortmund/D,
wbp Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Bochum/D
Lighting concept: Planwerk Essen – Peter Brdenk
Electrical engineering: Elektro-Rettler, Meschede/D
LED technology: Insta Elektro GmbH -Lightment- Arnsberg/D


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