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29. Nov 2013

Dialux evo 3 release

The next step in the development of Dialux evo has been completed. Dialux evo 3 is now available as a download. The latest version for lighting design offers some exciting innovations not least of which are ” Dialux Easy”, street planning and energy assessment, to name a few. Currently Dialux evo is being used by more than 100.000 users all over the world.
” Dialux easy” is our maxim: to make it as easy as possible for anyone to be involved in the design process. It is now possible to start ” Dialux easy” in Dialux evo 3. The choice of tools available has been reduced to basic functions. Fast and simple generation of rectangular space, automatic luminaire arrangement, calculation, summary and documentation is now possible.

Another new function in Dialux evo is the street. With the latest version it is now possible to carry out street calculations. The option “Street” has been added to the GUI. Normative evidence, Street Scheme Editor, street lighting arrangement and valuation fields are all new tools now available to the user.
In Dialux evo users can now carry out energy assessments very easily. The results are provided in kwh/a, kwh/a/m² (Leni) together with an overview of the total costs. The energy assessments can relate either to a single room or to a whole project.
In order to improve the performance for more complex projects the 64-bit version has been optimized. Dialux evo 3 now has more storage space (RAM) so there is increased performance. At the same time the visualization of material properties has been improved. Plastic and metal surfaces can be visualized at once.

Now that Dialux evo 3 is available, work is about to start on the next version – Dialux evo 4. However, we would not like to betray too much at this stage. Visit us at light+building 2014 in Frankfurt to find out more about the latest functionalities, innovations and special additional options.

Further informationen: www.dial.de

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