09. Oct 2015

New lease of life

Architects: Zecc Architects
Photos: Stijn Poelstra

Given the flat Dutch landscape, the disused water tower in Sint Jansklooster/NL is visible from considerable distances. Zecc Architekten from Utrecht have transformed the 45-metre high water tower into an observation point. The tower is now open to the public, the twisting staircases through its core allowing visitors to climb up to a viewing platform. Daylight entering through small windows in the tower walls accompany visitors on their journey, making the interior far more exciting than when it was dedicated to its original use. The light brings out the texture of the concrete and the wooden panels and the visitors enjoy the space literally from all angles of view.

But it is not only the available daylight that makes the interior of the tower so impressive. The lack of light and the consequent shadow effects are equally fascinating.

The warm contrast of the wooden elements to the concrete walls, the stairs that twist their way up the tower, and the three-dimensional appearance of the light reflected in the dust in the air, all lend the tower a new attraction and a new lease of life.


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