18. Nov 2015

When daylight and art blend into one

Architect: Carolina Mojto
Facade design: Markus Selg
Photos: Roman März

Villa Ehrlich on Müggelsee, a lake in the eastern suburbs of Berlin/D, was built over one hundred years ago. This year a small restaurant was designed and built in the garden of the villa. The highly original pavilion-style building in the romantic lakeside setting was designed by architect Carolina Mojto. The impressive facades take the form of an apparently three-dimensional composition of images, backed by glowing, corroded and therefore rust-coloured copperplate walls inside the building, which is surrounded by sunlit sand. The nearby tree and the sparkling lake generate a natural play of light and shadow across the digitally printed facade. Nothing is what it seems! The facade is designed to blend what is real with the virtual world.

Artist Markus Selg designed the composition that gives rise to the virtual desert landscape that appears out of nowhere in the sunlight. Visitors to the pavilion are not only supposed to gaze in wonder at the interesting architecture, but also enjoy the way the visual impression of the small building toys with their perception. The “printed” image and the natural light are key to creating the magical blend of the real and the virtual.


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