Project team:

Architects: Borja Ferrater, Lucía Ferrater, Carlos Ferrater
Lighting design: Artec3 – Maurici Ginés, Jesus Gonzalez, Cristina Salicio, Ivan Escutia
Software: Intesis

05. Aug 2011

Water world
The new Roca showroom in Barcelona/E

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Roca/Aleix Bagué, Maurici Ginés

In the so-called civilised world in the 21st century we take running water inside buildings for granted. Indeed, bathrooms have developed considerably over the decades and today often encompass an all-round experience of well-being. Designed bathroom fittings, high-quality materials, the use of colour, the right light – all contribute to the experience. The Spanish company Roca is a specialist in this field. With over 20,000 staff worldwide and a sales network throughout 135 countries, its flagship building and exhibition centre needed to be more than simply prestigious. It needed to make a statement – in water – and with the aid of light.

Roca, a leading global bathroom brand, recently opened a new building near Barcelona to house the company’s social, cultural and exhibition activities. The new building is basically a gallery and is open to the public, and visitors are invited to experience and explore the world that surrounds the bathroom space. Although the ceramic products marketed by this manufacturer do indeed meet specific design requirements, it is not really easy to integrate the various items into the architectural space. A bathroom remains a bathroom, and a urinal… well, say no more. The idea of the architects and the client was therefore to find a new way of expressing the prestigious quality of the products while maintaining the reference to the bathroom as an architectural space.

The lighting design team from Artec3 were commissioned to develop a concept for the façade of the new building that would appeal to gallery visitors and encourage them to open up to the theme of the contents even before entering the building, and to pedestrians and cars passing by in the sense that a view of the façade is an experience in itself. […]

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