Project team:

Client: Wujin District People’s Government
Architects: studio505


Products applied:

AC XB 36 RGB luminaires, Traxon
LED floodlight with RGB colour change, Philips
LS353 inground luminaires, Lumascape

14. Nov 2014

The Lotus effect

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: John Gollings

In Asia the lotus flower has a wealth of symbolic meaning. The flower is the epitome of a mystical plant. It symbolises purity, perfection, religion and the beauty of the night, because it blossoms in the dark. Both peace and wisdom are associated with the lotus flower. And it is generally grown in water.

The Lotus Building in Wujin/China and the 35,000 square metre People´s Park in which it is located were designed by the architects from studio 505. The building and the park assimilate the symbolism of the lotus flower and were built to create a new civic landmark for the Wujin District. Quite a challenge for the designers, given that references to symbolic elements in architecture can run the risk of quickly becoming kitsch. This clearly did not occur in this case. This project not only features on practically every website dedicated to architecture that is worth taking seriously: it has also won a number of awards for everything from architectural design to engineering expertise. It generated almost 90,000 Likes on Designboom alone. It has obviously struck the nerve of the design community. The exciting question is – what is it that captivates the onlooker, and triggers our emotions? And it is clear that this project does not work – or only half works – without light, which underlines the convincing association to the lotus flower to a tee. Which does not mean to say that the architecture of the building or the engineering expertise involved does not deserve attention and praise. The overall project should be celebrated and filled with the life and meaning that nature provided to its archetype. The physical form of the building complex was determined by the need to create a structure with a distinctive presence rather than a new building that quickly becomes anonymous in a rapidly developing city. The development ultimately seeks to generate participation, to develop an unforgettable presence in a location, building ties to the community and encouraging people to visit and spend quality time there.[…]


The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 95

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