Project team:

Property developers: Nocturnal Entertainment Group
Project architect: Tima Bell, Tima Winter Inc., Los Angeles/USA;
Custom luminaires: Solomon Mansoor, Louche Lighting

04. Sep 2012

The Deco factor
The Salvage Bar & Lounge in Los Angeles/US

Text: Joachim Ritter

Lighting solutions that are integrated into the architecture are an accepted trend in designed lighting schemes. Nevertheless, luminaire-based design will continue to maintain its importance and perhaps even present itself as a countertrend, especially when the project features historic elements or references.

The Salvage Bar & Lounge is located in the heart of the financial district in downtown Los Angeles. The venue opened in fall 2011 and occupies the ground floor of the
Roosevelt Residences, a property containing luxury apartments, which dates back to 1926. It has become highly popular as a new evening haunt for the trendy business people from the adjacent financial and fashion districts and is a homage to the rich (and sometimes overlooked) architectural history of L.A. Its name hints at the reuse at the core of the design concept: Salvage was conceived almost entirely out of salvaged materials leftover from the construction of The Roosevelt Residences. The project architect on Salvage was Tima Bell (founder of Tima Winter Inc.), who has a portfolio of projects using sustainable building methods and recycled materials. The team from Tima Winter Inc. make every attempt to use natural materials that are contextual with the locale. In the past five years, the design practice has become a leader in providing design and fabrication services for custom furniture and décor. The 2,000 square foot space is modern but displays an extraordinary aesthetic through the addition of the reclaimed vintage pieces: […]


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