28. Sep 2017

Slack in London/GB – an office perched between the rooftops with “eyes to the city”.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag
Photos: Philip Durrant

Strictly speaking, people use binoculars or a telescope to see things better from a distance. They enable objects further away to be brought into sharper focus. Optical instruments of this kind were only invented at the beginning of the 17th century, primarily for astronomers at the time. Previous to that, and since ancient times, people resorted to the use of simple tubes – periscopes – when viewing objects at a distance in order to avoid stray light interfering.

The small occupiable rooflight portals in Slack’s new central London workspace have a lot in common with the “old” periscopes. They actually work in more or less the same way. Given that the office takes the form of a penthouse on the top two floors of an historic building in Central London, the architects were well aware that the space featured an abundance of natural light and extensive views of the London skyline.

Thanks to the large window on the lower level, the workspace is flooded with daylight. On the floor above, the roof windows are lined with black polished material, extending the view of the rooftop horizon for those office employees who choose to sit there and work or take a break. The channel-like niches are like gateways to the sky. A walk in the clouds is a great substitute for a walk in the park, and sunlight is ideal for charging your batteries.

The reflective lining of the portals captures and extends the view, changing the angle of view in an entertaining way and relaying the movement of passing clouds and other features of “sky life”.

Architecture: ODOS Architects



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