27. Apr 2015

Light to support the human bio-rhythm

Design: Éléonore Delisse
Photos: Laurids Gallée

Seasonal affective disorder is a cyclic form of depression caused by changes in the circadian rhythm. When the level of light changes during the darker months of the year, this cycle can be disrupted. People in Nordic countries tend to suffer more frequently from this kind of depression than those living elsewhere. The Day and Night Light luminaire, designed by Éléonore Delisse, supports the human circadian rhythm and helps counteract winter depression. The light radiated by the luminaire changes colour gently, resulting in 24-hour simulated ambient light.

The luminaire consists of a dichroic glass disc which rotates slowly above a bright white LED, creating different luminous colours. The rotation is controlled via a stepper motor, and other technical components are housed within the wooden base. The electricity supply is contained in a marble weight, which ensures the luminaire remains stable. In the night the luminaire generates luminous colours from yellow to amber to dark red, colours which trigger the onset of melatonin production and support sound sleep. During the day the luminous colour changes from dark blue to light blue and, in line with the human bio-rhythm, melatonin production is suppressed and body and mind are awake and alert.

The Day and Night Light was the subject of Éléonore Delisse’s Bachelor dissertation at the Design Academy in Eindhoven/NL.


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