Project team:

Client: Masao Hoki;
Architects: Nikken Sekkei; Tomohiko Yamanashi, Taro Nakamoto,
Takashi Suzuki, Masanori Yano, Tokyo/J;
Lighting design: SLDA Sawada Lighting Design & Analysis Inc.,
Structural engineering: Nikken Sekkei
Mechanical and electrical engineering: Nikken Sekkei

05. Oct 2011

The Hoki Museum in Chiba/J
Architecture, art, light

Text: Alison Ritter
Photos: Toshio Kaneko

Masao Hoki is more than an art collector. He is an art lover, a successful businessman, a philanthropist and above all a realist. The latter quality may well explain his taste in art. So when it came to creating the Hoki Museum, an average lighting solution was out of the question.

Having collected a number of outstanding art works Masao Hoki began showing his private collection to a few close friends. This led to him constructing a storage vault and exhibition space next to his home in 2001, thus making the collection available for public viewing once or twice a year. The more people heard about the private exhibition space, the more turned up to view the works. “On a single day, 1,000 people would come, passionately eager to see the paintings,” Masao Hoki explains, and continues: “It occurred to me that I might open a museum that would make it possible for even more people to encounter the superb qualities of Realist paintings.” Masao Hoki’s request that the architecture was to constitute a part of his collection was a challenge architect Tomohiko Yamanashi from the firm Nikken Sekkei gladly accepted. The result – Hoki Museum – not only fulfils the client’s brief. It is a stunning and cleverly designed exemplary museum building based on the idea of what an art museum essentially is: an interface between art and bipedal, sentient beings.
The goal of creating an experience in which “nothing comes between museum goers and the art” was reached paying attention to the tiniest detail, including the lighting concept and design. […]

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