16. Dec 2014

For the design of urban spaces

With the newly developed Dalvik LED outdoor luminaire Hess GmbH Licht + Form presents as part of its innovations campaign another entirely new collection of luminaires and site furnishings for the design of urban spaces. In a first step, the Dalvik LED luminaire and a complementary bench will be available from January 2015. Dalvik is comprised of a flat, rectangular luminaire head made of cast-aluminium with two joints running continuously around it as the basic module and variable pole adapters for different pole diameters. Optionally, the luminaire housing is available with a continuous design bracket made of brushed stainless steel. Thanks to the variable adapters, the luminaire head can be mounted to Hess poles with diameters ranging from 60 – 230 mm. In combination with the City Elements by Hess, several fittings at different positions are possible.

This way various light source heights and lighting functions can be combined using one pole. Dalvik is also optimally suited for third-party poles thanks to its various adapters. Using the appropriate adapter the luminaire head can be fitted to existing poles. The luminaire head with a downward pointing light outlet can be equipped with one to three LEVO Q modules by Hess, each providing a system capacity of 34 watts per module. The inserted cover and the printed luminaire glass made of single-pane safety glass (ESG) ensure the optimum light control. The available light colours are 3000 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin, and 5600 Kelvin.

color temperature: 3000 / 4000 / 5600 Kelvin


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