Project team:

Architects: 3ndy Studio
Facade design: Giorgio Milani, Philippe Daverio

12. Jul 2017

Facade lighting for an enlightening facade.

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Fernando Guerra

Converting a building, giving it a new image and lease of life while maintaining its historic identity is one of the exciting challenges of architecture. Light can be extremely helpful in this context. Many designers regard light solely as a means for accentuation. And yet there are far more subtle ways of using light, if it is applied indirectly or integrated into the architecture to achieve its “centre-stage role”.

Buildings are generally renovated for commercial or residential purposes. This project reached its goal of retaining a very important part of Vigonovo in the province of Venice, realizing a new place of social aggregation in the historic centre. A renovation process comprises planning, structural repair, engineering and rebuilding, and the provision of new finishes to room surfaces and facades. That is the standard approach. When it comes to buildings of historic or cultural value the owners and visionaries behind a project may resort to an alternative course of action to ensure the intended outcome. In the case of Palazzo di Vigonovo in Venice, Cosmo Realty wanted to return the Campiello (small square) to the centre stage of the world.

Their first step was to put together a team who understood history and art, and new and existing technologies, and were aware of contemporary trends. Palazzo di Vigonovo was damaged by fire 30 years ago. The site and building were once the source of archaeological and historical writings of the Greeks and Romans. After three years of renovation, Campiello has been given a new lease of life. Local architects 3ndy Studio were commissioned to oversee the project and re-construct the old facade using a contemporary language. When the architects embarked on the project it appeared to be abandoned and dilapidated, but no major damage had been caused by the fire. That said, previous restoration efforts had distorted the facade and stripped it of its exquisite decorative elements.

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