18. May 2015

A vibrant luminous ceiling

Photos: Martine Doyon

The lighting designers from Lightemotion were commissioned by Desjardins Gestion immobilière (DGI) to design an innovative lighting scheme that would breathe new life into the “Complexe Desjardins” mixed use development in Montreal/CDN. Located in the Quartier des Spectacles district in the eastern part of the city, the complex incorporates shops and restaurants. The designers focussed on the two main entrances and the retail concourse, and designed a striking dynamic lighting scheme for the unique diamond coffered ceiling that spans the overall facility and attracts attention from outside. The strategy was to apply light efficiently to generate a pleasant, exciting shopping environment and attract passers-by in from the street.

The custom lighting solution for the impressive ceiling structure is composed of two elements: a frame equipped with RGB LEDs that directs coloured light upwards, and a downward-directed directional flood that generates large pools of light on the light-coloured flooring. Since the complex is both an event space and shopping centre, there was a mandate to ensure the new fixtures provided a wide range of visual options. The designers developed an “Urban Clock” concept which uses a programmable DMX system to adapt the colours, tones, intensity and colour temperature to natural lighting conditions over the day. Mornings a bright and energetic dynamic white scheme helps people start their day. Warm colour tones are programmed for the lunch time rush to provide a luminotherapy effect, especially in the darker fall and winter months, and at night darker tones in blues and greens are selected to create a relaxing ambience for shopping.

The luminous ceiling structure is not only an eye-catcher; it saves up to 67 per cent more energy than the existing system.

Project team:

Client: Desjardins Gestion immobilière (DGI)
Lighting design: Lightemotion
Products applied: Lumenpulse


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