14. Dec 2015

Light that reflects the momentum of urban life and the bumpy ride to discovering one’s real self!

Installation and Photos: Svante Pettersson

“Color trip – to be, to become”, an installation designed by Svante Pettersson, was inspired by the reasons why people are attracted to move to cities: they want the freedom to remain anonymous and alone, yet still surrounded by people, or to seek a new, self-selected community. The focus lies on the journey people embark upon when deciding to live in a city, which in turn evolves into a journey of discovery to find one’s real self. The installation also addresses the way light interacts with surfaces, and how this impacts urban environments.


Svante Pettersson has created a series of coloured ‘gateways’ that interact with coloured light and together form a kind of passageway into a world of wonder and delight. The colour-changing light gives rise to fascinating impressions, depending on how the surface colours respond to the luminous colours.


The installation was part of the “Experiment Stockholm” exhibition in Färgfabriken, a centre for creativity and art in Stockholm/S. The exhibition took a closer look at art, urban planning and architecture in the city today.
Acrylic paint was applied to the chipboard panels, which are illuminated by RGB LEDs. A loop of approximately three minutes starts with one minute of static white light that reveals the entire tunnel-like construction in the colours in their original state. Then the light starts to move across the surfaces in all ways and directions, ending with a RGB strobe crescendo before it fades back to static white.


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