04. May 2015

Bringing sunlight and clouds inside

Sculpture design and photos: Studio Hansode – Daiki Nakamori, Norihito Yuki

Drifting clouds are not only a sign of rain or a means of blocking the sun…

Sunlight and clouds can give rise to magnificently colourful skies that are able to fire our imagination and transport us into dream worlds. Inspired by breathtaking impressions of the interplay of clouds and sunlight in their minds, the designers from Studio Hansode designed “Cloudscape” – a luminaire-style crafted sculpture that re-enacts the effects of light on clouds over the day, from sunrise to sunset.

“Cloudscape” consists of urethane foam arranged on the surface of two sheets of plexiglass, which are surrounded by a black ring studded with individually addressable, invisibly mounted RGB LEDs. The organic shape of the urethane is crafted by peeling the glued urethane foam from the plexiglass. The “clouds” are illuminated from different directions by the colour-changing LEDs, generating wonderful coloured cloud impressions.

The designers believe their work will not only remain in the form of a crafted sculpture, but that it can be reproduced using state-of-the-art technologies such as 3D-scanners and printers.


Cloudscape from Daiki Nakamori on Vimeo.

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