Project team:

Client: Entourage Esthetic Medical Solutions SA

Architecture and design:

Ralph Germann architectes;

Corporate design: François Dulex

20. Sep 2016

Entourage beauty clinic in Lausanne/CH

Text: Joachim Ritter

Photos: Lionel Henriod

When clinic design meets aesthetics it gives rise to a whole new design typology. Space, surfaces and materials only gain in terms of quality, however, when they can be perceived and appreciated.

Even if you cannot remember the last time you went to the doctor’s in detail, I am pretty sure that you will remember that the reception desk had not received any special design treatment. A reception desk with an Apple perched on it for all to see is already “special”. A practice where the interior design and the lighting are exceptionally pleasing tends to notch up plus points fast. If the practice is dedicated to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, it goes without saying that the interior architecture will radiate a certain aesthetic. Light and shadow are especially important in this world. Light renders skin blemishes and impurities visible, but it also reveals true beauty.

When it comes to plastic surgery the patient, or should we say client, needs to develop a relationship of trust with those who are providing the treatment. What Michael Jackson and Renee Zellweger went through gives more cause for serious concern than anything else. Just as cleanliness and hygiene should be the standard in every medical practice, the design in a practice for cosmetic or plastic surgery should radiate an aesthetic quality that unequivocally represents the outlook and conception of the doctors and staff who work there. In this day and age, for many beauty is a luxury that can be bought.

Entourage Esthetic Medical Solutions SA is a Swiss company specialising in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Unlike cosmetic or plastic surgery, most aesthetic medicine procedures are minimally-invasive, require no general anesthesia or scalpel and are associated with little or no social downtime. Treatments can be performed during the lunch break and the person undergoing treatment can usually go straight back to work afterwards. The implants and injectables used at Entourage are resorbable. The effects of treatments are therefore reversible, which greatly reduces the risk of long-term complications. […]

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