22. Feb 2017

Symbolic place of faith and spirituality

Situated in Vicenza in the square bearing the same name the gothic Church of San Lorenzo is a symbolic place of faith and spirituality. Built in 1280, the complex is now equipped with a modern lighting system that was designed to create a series of functional lights for various liturgical moments or visits and to enhance the most important architectural details.

Targetti worked closely with the client to meet their needs in compliance with the Pastoral Missive. Choices relating to fixtures and scenography were shared with the friars at the convent who currently officiate over the Church, supervised by designers and submitted for the approval of the Superintendency. The objective to minimise visual impact, which was always a central part of the project, lead to  favouring reduced size products and neutral finishes that could blend in with the support elements.

For direct and indirect lighting the adjustable projectors with LED sources Coro and Volta were chosen from the Light of Florence collection and positioned on the capitals. Coro projectors were also used for accented lighting in particular to enhance the most valuable paintings where Vivid type LED sources were chosen, which thanks to a complete light emission spectrum in all its wavelengths ensure extraordinary colour saturation on every work of art. Particular attention was paid to the apse area where accented and functional lighting were integrated with more scenographic and emotional effect. Foho projectors with narrow optics positioned at a height of 4 m were used to light the crucifix precisely while Jedi linear fixtures positioned at the top of the choir stalls were used to wash the walls from bottom to top creating a charming and functional fifth perspective. The apse “collects” this light attracting the eyes of the faithful in an upward movement while framing the crucifix and lightening any shadows that are cast.

Thanks to the Dali system that makes it possible to manage all lighting fixtures in a simple and intelligent way, the new system as a whole is able to create different lighting scenarios. The general effect is extremely impressive even from an energy point of view with a reduction in consumption of 70% while providing highly impressive new lighting that is more effective, flexible and precise.

Products applied:

Coro Lof Large
Volto Lof
Foho LED
Jedi Projector


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