18. Oct 2017 Co-design and continuing professional development Two why-not paths that could helpfully meet. My opinion:
10. May 2017 The long and winding road – a benefit for all concerned The need for a career path in Lighting Design. My opinion:
27. Mar 2017 Art as an immersive experience Lighting design workshop and seminar in the Art History Museum in Vienna featuring an evidence-based neuroscientific approach to lighting. My opinion:
21. Jun 2016 Early Career Researchers More co ordination required My opinion:
07. Jun 2016 EILD workshop 2016 in Brazil Centro de Artes e Convenções da UFOP Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais – Brazil My opinion:
29. Feb 2016 Educator’s meeting Pre-convention meeting for educators at PLDC 2015 in Rome
20. Oct 2015 Lichtforum NRW organises officially recognised continuing education courses This entry is only available in German
16. Oct 2015 Daylightecture – architecture follows light The architecture of the future will be defined by light
01. Oct 2015 Einstiegsseminar: LED – Technik LED Institut Dr. SlabkeThis entry is only available in German
21. May 2015 Promoting young talent – what can be done? Warum nur tut sich die Lichtdesigngemeinschaft so schwer mit der Nachwuchsforderung?Why is the lighting design community sometimes so hard pushed when it comes to promoting young talent?
10. Feb 2015 To be or not to be Ein Appell für eine klare Definition der Berufsbezeichnung „Professioneller Lichtdesigner“A call to define what we mean by Professional Lighting Designer
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