18. Oct 2017 Functionality plus flexibility plus style equals Remo New luminaire from Plexiform helps office spaces take that leap into the modern age. My opinion:
18. Oct 2017 LG Display embed themselves in OLEDs With a focus on the application potential of organic LEDs. My opinion:
18. Oct 2017 Creative sustainability 3D-printed LED luminaires that harness renewable energy to store and generate electricity. My opinion:
13. Sep 2017 “New Light of Light” LG OLED Design Competition 2017: An opportunity for everyone My opinion:
04. Sep 2017 The LED light source that even leaves incandescent lamps in the shade … Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba surprise the lighting world with a new development that looks like it could mark the beginning of a revolution. My opinion:
  • M A R K T T I C K E R
09. Jun 2017 Squadrocopter Effective light from above: a new spotlight for aisles and traffic areas in the retail sector. My opinion:
08. Jun 2017 As elegant as a super model Armonia takes the stage and performs to an optimum. My opinion:
08. Jun 2017 Floating on air Ameluna: A little dream-like, a little luxury and a little extravagant. My opinion:
08. Jun 2017 Frozen light Lighting technology put to the test in Swedish Lapland. My opinion:
10. May 2017 Latitude Lights Nina Edwards Anker has been honored with the renowned Bronze A’ Design Award My opinion:
09. May 2017 Urban park On end between dog & wolf My opinion:
09. May 2017 Abundance of natural light Vice lights at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando/US. My opinion:
25. Apr 2017 Floating on air Ameluna: A little dream-like, a little luxury and a little extravagant. My opinion:
29. Mar 2017 An old and beloved bridge New light for Ponte Vecchio in Florence/IT. My opinion:
17. Mar 2017 LED systems in historic surroundings “The Reinvention of an Office” My opinion:
02. Mar 2017 An oversized lantern Lighting as a component of outstanding architecture My opinion:
23. Feb 2017 Maximum luminous power NRW state parliament making savings with LED illumination My opinion:
22. Feb 2017 Church of San Lorenzo Symbolic place of faith and spirituality My opinion:
21. Feb 2017 Pico and Minimo Lighting for Natural History Museum My opinion:
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27. Jan 2017 Teatro Olimpico Lighting for a World Heritage in Vicenza My opinion:
27. Jan 2017 Aura of respect Memorial lights in Dublin My opinion:
06. Jan 2017 Direct response Lighting design for the University of Pennsylvania’s Pennovation Center/US My opinion:
05. Jan 2017 Expansion Lamp Lighting completes the Nordeon Group integration process My opinion:
20. Dec 2016 At the top of the Zugspitze The final of the 110th brand anniversary of Osram My opinion:
18. Nov 2016 Kick-off International Light Festival Organisation Besides being the organiser of the annual Eindhoven light festival in November, the GLOW Eindhoven Foundation is also the founder of the International Light Festival Organisation.
07. Nov 2016 Expansion Osram enhances expertise in Smart City My opinion:
27. Oct 2016 CiviTEQ wins German Design Award 2017 New LED road lighting solution by Thorn wins international premium award My opinion:
25. Oct 2016 Gutes im Wandel bewahren Familienunternehmen Sattler in 3. Generation My opinion:
24. Oct 2016 Product launches Coloured LEDs shine much more brightly with Active Diffuser Technology from OMC My opinion:
30. Sep 2016 Is Sea Water reconcilable with latest LED Technology? The new performance sports pool at “Sylter Welle” proves that it is My opinion:
27. Sep 2016 LED solution for a gallery Daniel Crouch Rare Books in St James’s, London/GB My opinion:
27. Sep 2016 Wundergewebe Ettlin Lux bei Sonderausstellung Zukunftslichter My opinion:
26. Sep 2016 Energy efficient solution ensures complete safety Bombardier Runway – Mirabel Airport in Montreal/CA My opinion:
26. Sep 2016 Emphasize the features Vienna University of Economics and Business Campus/AT My opinion:
26. Sep 2016 Inspired by the colonial period The Colonys store in Zurich/CH My opinion:
21. Sep 2016 Ledvance Glass LED lamps / made in Germany My opinion:
18. Aug 2016 Halley lamps by Vibia A slice of light My opinion:
12. Aug 2016 Smart Outdoor Lighting goes Smart City The TALQ Consortium to include Smart City Applications My opinion:
08. Aug 2016 Visible at night Oval offices in Cologne/DE My opinion:
08. Aug 2016 Living and office quarter Schwabinger Tor in Munich/DE My opinion:
08. Aug 2016 Public spaces Länsimetro Lighting Project in Helsinki/FI My opinion:
08. Aug 2016 From concept to installation Cooledge videos highlight how easy it is to design and make with light My opinion:
08. Aug 2016 New generation Lumenpulse launches new optics for Lumenline My opinion:
05. Aug 2016 Lamborghini to go Lighting concept from Ansorg for showroom in Düsseldorf/DE My opinion:
04. Aug 2016 Attractive illumination of the square Hans Scharoun Square in Stuttgart/DE My opinion:
04. Aug 2016 Delightful Rehabilitation Plaça de Catalunya Platform in Barcelona/ES My opinion:
04. Aug 2016 Square Optics Focussed and planar lighting, with indirect component My opinion:
04. Aug 2016 Bind together Svindersvik Bridge in Nacka/SE My opinion:
30. Jun 2016 Research update Next-generation fluorescent light and LED light thanks to new phosphor My opinion:
07. Jun 2016 Motolux by Formalighting New series for museum and display lighting My opinion:
07. Jun 2016 inVision by O/M Double focus My opinion:
01. Jun 2016 Smart Control von Flos Wireless with full controle My opinion:
01. Jun 2016 Light Over Time by Artemide Dynamic lighting and programming tool My opinion:
30. May 2016 One by O/M The one and only My opinion:
25. May 2016 Sintesi: A co-operation between Occhio and Audi Industrial Design Innovative luminaire My opinion:
24. May 2016 Ameluna from Artemide Synergetic cooperation My opinion:
20. May 2016 Infra-Structure by Flos Bauhaus design language My opinion:
20. May 2016 UW by O/M U revisited My opinion:
29. Feb 2016 Fusing ideas LED-CD and SB-CD
29. Feb 2016 Light attracts insects Designs by Anette Baumann
26. Feb 2016 Mosaic update Volatiles – glass mosaics with smart lighting
24. Feb 2016 Back to nature instead of digital overload Spaces full of light and shadow effects using natural materials
08. Feb 2016 WILA joins Nordeon Group The Nordeon Group further strengthens its position as international lighting company through the acquisition.
20. Jan 2016 Is the incandescent lamp set to make a comeback? The return of (incandescent) light?!
12. Jan 2016 Clover street luminaire designed by Mathieu Lehanneur Balance between nature and technology.
18. Dec 2015 Italian artist Elisa Spanò… … is the winner of the Osram art award.
30. Nov 2015 Roxxane Fly from Nimbus Light unleashed
16. Oct 2015 Transformative and responsive Kinetura stands for the natural dynamic of light and product design
16. Oct 2015 Hub of Light Thorn Lighting and a view towards the future of lighting
16. Oct 2015 Shuffle from Schréder Shuffle the future
16. Oct 2015 Innovative glass sphere Occhio’s latest design is the future now!
16. Oct 2015 Meteorite Crinkled copper makes for unique light and shadow effects
09. Oct 2015 Anti-glare AR111 LED lamps from Verbatim Halogen replacements
06. Oct 2015 Luxexcel cooperates with Trinckle 3D to develop two lens creators Custom 3D design and 3D printing technology
15. Sep 2015 New LED capsules from Philips as an alternative to halogen sources Efficient accents
11. Sep 2015 Osram among the most sustainable companies Inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
10. Sep 2015 Zumtobel Group acquires UK-based LED lighting company ACDC Strategic addition to the existing brand and product portfolio
26. Aug 2015 ELH series from Esylux Large-scale escape route lighting with integrated DALI interface
17. Aug 2015 Dynamic lighting control in the retail environment Shopping becomes an experience
17. Aug 2015 Development is now a tradition (New) developments presented by Flos
17. Aug 2015 In the year of light Zumtobel update 2015
17. Aug 2015 Luz Like a "living object"
27. Jul 2015 Four-degree AR111 LED lamp from Soraa Precisely defined light for small objects and spaces
23. Jul 2015 Luxexcel set for Growth Series B funding secured
16. Jul 2015 Rune Marthinussen is new CEO at Glamox This entry is only available in German
07. Jul 2015 LED light for Milan Cathedral Dignified and economical
30. Jun 2015 Sleek surface-mounted Cylinder luminaires from Lucifer Lighting Highly versatile
29. Jun 2015 Decorative LED Filament Lamps from Megaman Classic beauty of traditional lamps and energy saving
18. Jun 2015 Osram supervisory board approves lamps business carve-out Further progress regarding realignment
11. Jun 2015 Philips and Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group announce first commercial trial Light Vibes Technology for immersive cinema
03. Jun 2015 Infinito from Qisdesign Licht und Unendlichkeit
29. May 2015 Duris S 10 LED from Osram New compact individual LED as an alternative to low-lumen Chip-on-Board LEDs
28. May 2015 Ledora Electronics has entered into an international cooperation Swabian-Asian joint venture
21. May 2015 Urban Sphere Design born of a global ethic
21. May 2015 “The Last Supper” Light is back
20. May 2015 LED Chip Scale Packaging technology from Samsung Electronics Ultra compact
19. May 2015 Zirko from Belux Surprise effect
11. May 2015 Chip-size Duris S2 LED from Osram A “borderless” LED as a fluorescent tube replacement
27. Apr 2015 Osram to transfer its general lamps business Business includes the traditional as well as the LED- based lamps
22. Apr 2015 Concrete Applique von Simes Lighting effects and solid concrete
21. Apr 2015 Günter Enhuber is the new Sales Manager at Osram… …for Luminaires and Solutions in Germany
20. Apr 2015 Lighting Europe to become a Partner Association of PLDC 2015 Education, job definition, product quality
20. Apr 2015 Laser Blade InOut from iGuzzini Wall/ceiling recessed luminaires
17. Apr 2015 LED Linear Red Dot Award 2015
02. Apr 2015 LED Buster bulb from Buster and Punch LED technology to provide energy-efficient lighting
02. Apr 2015 Zero flicker from Verbatim LED ceiling panels
30. Mar 2015 Marathon Tunable from Fagerhult Tuning light temperature with one luminaire
26. Mar 2015 Go pole-top luminaire from Ewo Standing lamps and wall lamps
24. Mar 2015 Lindsay Stefans joins Xicato… …as Business Development Manager for North America
23. Mar 2015 Soraa commissions Ann Reo to guide LED product portfolio New Senior Vice President of Product Development
11. Mar 2015 Square from Cooledge Lighting UL listed lighting product
06. Mar 2015 Cree’s New CXA2 LED Arrays Enable system cost savings of up to 60 percent
06. Mar 2015 Nordeon-Group invests in architectural lighting section Strategic acquisition of Griven
06. Mar 2015 Osram announces innovation and technology initiative Company still aims for stable dividend for fiscal 2015
03. Mar 2015 OK from Flos Homage to the Parentesi luminaire
18. Feb 2015 Objective und Sisifo von Artemide ... receive the iF Design Award 2015
10. Feb 2015 LED professional Symposium +Expo 2014 Observations from Karl Albert Fischer
10. Feb 2015 Trust us to save you more Thorn ist seit den frühesten Innovationen im Bereich Straßenbeleuchtung tätig
09. Feb 2015 Library of Lyon/F With facade light lines from Insta equips
06. Feb 2015 Lighting Europe announces… ...election of Executive Board
04. Feb 2015 Detlef Mikulsky will be Managing Director at Hess An important element for the implementation of strategic objectives
30. Jan 2015 LED light bulb from Sengled… ...eliminates wireless dead spots
27. Jan 2015 Linear and Rail – OLED Mounting Solution from LG Chem New application ideas
19. Jan 2015 Oliver Storbeck Deputy CEO by Alanod Ingo Beyer will join the company’s advisory board on September 30th, 2015
19. Jan 2015 Trilux Consolidates Experience in Architecture Karsten Müller is Head of the Architectural Department
06. Jan 2015 OLED light panel from LG Chem Energy-efficient and human-friendly
16. Dec 2014 Dalvik family from Hess For the design of urban spaces
15. Dec 2014 Monsun 2 LED from Siteco The robust and efficient damp-proof luminaires
05. Dec 2014 300th anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe LED Linear is the official supplier
05. Dec 2014 Reinhard Bojahr new general manager at Regent Lighting/D This entry is only available in German
04. Dec 2014 Lighting Europe Recommends 2020 as… ...Earliest Phase Out for Domestic Halogen Eco Lamps
03. Dec 2014 Pico Zoom LED spotlight from Precision Lighting Gewinner des FX AwardWins FX Award
28. Nov 2014 Dim to Warm LED Lamps from Megaman Verbesserte DimmleistungImproved Dimming Performance
26. Nov 2014 ToLEDo Retro range from Sylvania Ersatz für klassische LeuchtmittelReplacement for traditional light sources
25. Nov 2014 Megaman launches LED Clusterlite Series Eine innovative ErsatzlösungA new series of replacement lamps
25. Nov 2014 Hess returns stronger to the French Market Start einer intensiven MarktbearbeitungBeginning of a market cultivation and penetration
19. Nov 2014 Olaf Berlien new Chief Executive Officer of Osram Ein Manager und Stratege zugleichA manager and strategist
14. Nov 2014 3D printing – the future of optics Interview mit dem Geschäftsführer von Luxexcel Richard van de Vrie und Professor Jyrki Saarinen von der Universität Ost-FinnlandInterview with Luxexcel CEO Richard van de Vrie and Professor Jyrki Saarinen from the University of Eastern Finland
14. Nov 2014 LightCD Die gesamte Lichttechnik auf einer CDLighting technology on a CD
07. Jan 2014 World Trade Center Memorial in New York City/US Lighting specially for a eco-friendly public space.

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