17. May 2018 More than meets the eye The statement the “#WeLiveHere2017” project in Waterloo, Sydney/AU is making. My opinion:
15. May 2018 Enlightened data How the “Turning Sky” light art installation in Chicago/US visualises abstract data. My opinion:
03. May 2018 A creative underpass The “Story Wall Eskilstuna” installation in Eskilstuna/SE between Örebro and Stockholm. My opinion:
24. Apr 2018 Building a connection Flynn Talbot’s “Reflection Room” as part of the London Design Festival in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London/GB. My opinion:
23. Apr 2018 Colourful bubble “Light Bubble”, a mobile installation designed by Eness. My opinion:
09. Nov 2017 Ambitious plans approved Paris will be transformed into an Olympic Park for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. My opinion:
19. Oct 2017 A reason to reflect Temporary interactive immersive installation in New York City/US. My opinion:
16. Oct 2017 A metaphor for life A light art installation in an underground station in Stockholm /SE. My opinion:
12. Oct 2017 A touch of delight on a dark night Reinterpreting the “Highrise One” building in Munich/DE to make it the “Tower of Sparkle”. My opinion:
10. Oct 2017 Cloudscape The temporary installation “Paper Cloud”: a collaborative endeavour in San Antonio/US. My opinion:
06. Oct 2017 Interspray of light and sound “Scent Constellation” in the Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris/FR visualises the process of creating a perfume. My opinion:
04. Oct 2017 Surface tension Eight “Islands of Light” floating in the lake in Duncan Park in Spartanburg/US. My opinion:
28. Sep 2017 Working in the clouds Slack in London/GB – an office perched between the rooftops with “eyes to the city”. My opinion:
26. Sep 2017 Underground art Planned new contemporary art wing extension to the art museum in Lima/PE. My opinion:
21. Sep 2017 Transition between worlds An enigmatic moment: the “Passage” light art installation in Montreal/CA. My opinion:
19. Sep 2017 Luminous vector drawing “Deep Web”, a kinetic audio-visual experience during last year’s Festival of Lights in Lyon/FR. My opinion:
13. Sep 2017 Networked interaction “Lumen”, a light art installation by Jenny Sabin in New York City/US. My opinion:
08. Sep 2017 Mesh of neon lights „Forms in Space…by Light (in Time)” at Tate Britain/GB was made from almost two kilometres of neon lighting. My opinion:
05. Sep 2017 Triangular relationship The chance to ride “The Wave” at the 2017 Frost Festival in Copenhagen/DK. My opinion:
30. Aug 2017 Responsive Paris traffic serves as a data source for a lighting installation. My opinion:
29. Aug 2017 Lightpaintings The fascinating use of spectral colours in the artwork of Stephen Knapp. My opinion:
24. Aug 2017 Nature points the way “Eye_Beacon”: an information booth communicating through light at the Light Festival in Amsterdam/NL. My opinion:
27. Jul 2017 Heavenly vaults reinterpreted “Voûtes Célestes” in Saint Eustache church in Paris/FR. My opinion:
06. Jul 2017 Trailblazing Losing and finding yourself in the “yǔzhòu” labyrinth of light. My opinion:
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05. Jul 2017 Strikingly realistic “Plexus c18”: art installation at San Antonio Airport. My opinion:
09. Jun 2017 Split personality The “1 State Street Feature Wall” in New York/US. My opinion:
01. Jun 2017 Say it with flowers “Alumine” – a light art installation that changes people’s understanding of proportion. My opinion:
18. May 2017 Divine Perceiving light with all your senses: “Rainbow Church”. My opinion:
16. May 2017 Melting pot Successfully assimilated by “Pixels Wave Light” in Paris/FR. My opinion:
11. Apr 2017 From sound to light Creating luminaires out of organ pipes for an historic residence. My opinion:
05. Apr 2017 Out of the ordinary „teamLab: Transcending Boundaries“: an immersive exhibition experience. My opinion:
28. Mar 2017 Smart synergies Daylight solution for a café plus private residence in Paju/KR. My opinion:
24. Mar 2017 Opening our minds … The fascination of traffic lights in foggy darkness. My opinion:
14. Mar 2017 Design transfer successfully completed A Greek-style shop in Luxembourg. My opinion:
14. Feb 2017 Bristling with cutting-edge technology “Light Pollination” digital light artwork at the London Design Festival 2016 My opinion:
26. Jan 2017 One plus six “Sevenfold” merges old and new at The Met, Manchester/GB My opinion:
06. Dec 2016 The somewhat different taste in light Shilling Brewing Co. brew house in Glasgow/UK My opinion:
01. Dec 2016 Small but effective “Urban Prisms” pop-up pavilion in Shanghai/CN My opinion:
30. Nov 2016 When two shadows meet… St. Bernard’s Chapel in La Playosa, Córdoba/AR My opinion:
22. Nov 2016 Poetic art becomes light art “Light Field II” in Beşiktaş, Istanbul/TR My opinion:
08. Nov 2016 Shaving foil meets old tapestries “Foil” an installation in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London/GB My opinion:
03. Nov 2016 Intertwined “Where We Met” in Greensboro, North Carolina/US My opinion:
31. Oct 2016 Let the sun shine in Lightwell House in Fulham, London/GB My opinion:
28. Oct 2016 Cloudburst The “Whimsical Invasion” installation in Dupont Underground in Washington D.C./US My opinion:
25. Oct 2016 Walking with clouds “Beyond” at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam/NL My opinion:
28. Sep 2016 Fathoming the spectrum “Our Spectral Vision” in the Natural History Museum in London/GB My opinion:
28. Sep 2016 Glowing mix of materials “PolyThread knitted textile pavilion” in New York City/USA My opinion:
28. Sep 2016 Reaching for the heavens Design for a chapel in the Alps/CH My opinion:
09. Aug 2016 Well-rounded solution Hat Cloud in Tokyo/JP My opinion:
09. Aug 2016 Above the clouds “Flying through the sky” in Guangzhou/CN My opinion:
09. Aug 2016 Tunnel vision Lighting installation in Wellington/NZ My opinion:
19. Jul 2016 A parable in light Blessing from above / Kitsch or tasteful inspiration My opinion:
19. Jul 2016 Near to nature Kekkilä Garden’s “Green Shed” My opinion:
18. Jul 2016 “California Sunshine” – entirely legal Furniture to trick the senses My opinion:
14. Jul 2016 Soft leather on hard concrete Valextra concession at Harrods, London/UK My opinion:
30. Jun 2016 Sunwheel by Moradavaga Light art installation in Porto My opinion:
24. Jun 2016 An halo for Manhattan An exciting addition to the New York skyline. My opinion:
21. Jun 2016 Erweiterte Strukturen Augmented structures for three-dimmensional lighting My opinion:
21. Jun 2016 Biennale in Venice: lightscapes Local identity – exploring a forgotten resource My opinion:
23. May 2016 Human centric sculptures Innovative solution in Rue Watt in Paris/F.
23. May 2016 The Pavilion of Canopies A temporary public space for a religious festival near Kolkata/IND.
23. May 2016 Dynamic earth tubes Earth tubes that top the NOMA building studded with 29,000 points of light.
23. May 2016 LEDs for indoor gardening Ikea introduces LED hydroponic systems for the home.
19. May 2016 Halos Bait Mataf, The First International Bank of Israel.
03. May 2016 Learning from nature “Social Sparkles” light art installation in Amsterdam/NL My opinion:
03. May 2016 LEDs around the globe The Mapparium in Boston/USA with updated lighting. My opinion:
26. Feb 2016 Saturn Submerged Infinite light in the smallest of spaces
22. Feb 2016 Spherical space Transforming space with light and colour
19. Feb 2016 La Semilla at the entrance to Arena Monterrey in Monterrey/MEX Unique pavilion design creates petal-shaped patterns after dark.
17. Feb 2016 “Light Sculpture of Flames” in Menlo Park/USA Dynamic light art installation featuring coloured flickering flames.
15. Feb 2016 Orbit Pavilion Galactic atmosphere surrounded by other-worldly sounds.
12. Feb 2016 Video-mapping in the Planetarium in Prague/CZ Engrossing light and sound backdrop
10. Feb 2016 “Pulling the Sky” fashion store in Chongqing/RC Landscaped sky.
08. Feb 2016 The Europe Building in Amsterdam/NL High-Tech design backdrop for a meeting of minds.
05. Feb 2016 P-Cube in Moscow/RUS Ein Pavillon mit LichteigenlebenA pavilion filled with a light life of its own
03. Feb 2016 “Le Kaléidoscope” in Buffalo/USA Light art installation: a colourful mix of the four seasons.
18. Jan 2016 360-degree panorama of the Great Barrier Reef in Leipzig/D Breath-taking colour and light.
15. Jan 2016 Mercure Hotel in the city centre of Bucharest/RO Neoclassical media facade
13. Jan 2016 Paleet shopping mall in Oslo/N A kaleidoscopic installation made of copper and light.
11. Jan 2016 La Esperanza Therapeutic Pools in San Juan, Puerto Rico Light and sky to facilitate healing.
08. Jan 2016 Polish log church A new interpretation of an old tradition.
06. Jan 2016 Impulse in Montreal/CDN Son et lumière – and seesaws
04. Jan 2016 The Jane in Antwerp/B Wenn Essen zur Religion wird!
18. Dec 2015 “Timeless Elegance” in London/UK Tempus fugit – and sparkles!
14. Dec 2015 “Color trip – to be, to become” in Stockholm/S Light that reflects the momentum of urban life and the bumpy ride to discovering one’s real self!
11. Dec 2015 Ommatidium in London/UK Light + a digital experience to enhance the urban environment.
07. Dec 2015 Porta estel-lar in Barcelona/E Tunnelblicke.
04. Dec 2015 The Star in Butterworth/MAL Good heavens!
30. Nov 2015 Lobby in the Solo West office building in Frankfurt/D Extravagant and cool.
27. Nov 2015 The Importance of Walking store in Peking/RC Less is … attractively different.
25. Nov 2015 The Church of the Order of Discalced Carmelites in Snagov Village/RO Deliberate simplicity.
23. Nov 2015 Fangsuo Book Store in Chengdu/RC In the depths of the book world.
20. Nov 2015 “Stairway to Heaven” in Meschede/D This way up!
18. Nov 2015 A lakeside restaurant pavilion in Berlin/D When daylight and art blend into one.
21. Oct 2015 Interactive media facade in São Paulo/BR “Luminous creature” in the cityscape
19. Oct 2015 Unfolding in Melbourne/AUS A tableau of delicately coloured shadows
16. Oct 2015 Moonlight Cabin in Victoria/AUS Trautes, warmes Licht, Glück alleinLight for a natural retreat
12. Oct 2015 Gradients in Saint-Etienne/F Das Wesen der FarbmischungenThe magic field of different coloured gradients
09. Oct 2015 The water tower in Sint Jansklooster/NL Der Reiz des natürlichen LichtsNew lease of life
05. Oct 2015 Ambient Light Ein Entwurf des Treffpunkts zwischen Meer und HimmelDesigning a meeting point between the earth and the sea
30. Sep 2015 Research pavilion 2014/2015 in Stuttgart/D Wie das vom Licht geflutete Nest einer WasserspinneLearning from water spiders
23. Sep 2015 Swarm in Vienna/A Wenn die digitalen LED-Glühwürmchen tanzenDigital fireflies
18. Sep 2015 Straylight It´s Selfie-TimeIt´s selfie time
11. Sep 2015 “The Dance” in Canberra/AUS Dreidimensionale Gemälde aus Licht und TüllA three-dimensional sculptural installation made of light and tulle
09. Sep 2015 “Additive Mix” in Bradford/UK Viele, viele bunte Leuchtstofflampen und dann… Bäm! Weißes LichtA mass of coloured fluorescent lamps conjure up… white light!
28. Aug 2015 “Blue Island”/TWA Meeresleuchten wird zum ProblemThe downside of marine phosphorescence
12. Aug 2015 “483 Lines” in Jeju/KOR 3D Lichtinstallation analog3D light art installation à la analogue
22. Jul 2015 Emperor UA Sparks Cinema in Foshan/RC Sci-Fi realSci-Fi for real
17. Jul 2015 “Helix” Videokunst für ein KreuzfahrtschiffVideo art for a cruise ship
15. Jul 2015 Outpost Basel/CH „Collectors Lounge“: Liebe zum Detail und interaktives Video-Mapping“Collectors Lounge”: love of detail and interactive video-mapping
10. Jul 2015 Epiphyte Membrane in Berlin/D Der Stoff, aus dem Visionen sindThe stuff that visions are made of
08. Jul 2015 Beauty Library in Tokyo/J Wirkungsvolle Lichtregale für eine minimalistische WarenauslageIlluminated shelving for a minimalist cosmetics display
03. Jul 2015 Serpentine Pavillon 2015 Subtiles Kunstlicht für einen transparenten, bunten KokonSubtle lighting for a colourful transparent cocoon
01. Jul 2015 Nurbe in Aguascalientes/MEX Die Verwandlung – Ein Lagerraum verändert mit Licht und StoffMetamorphosis – light and textile transform a warehouse space
26. Jun 2015 PIC Pavilion in Barcelona/E Ein sternförmiges Andenken aus LichtA star-shaped tribute made of light
22. Jun 2015 Ports 1961 flagship store in Shanghai/RC Eine Glashülle in 3D3D glass skin
15. Jun 2015 “Wanderer” – self-portraits full of light and drama! Inspirierende NordlichterInspiration drawn from the northern lights
10. Jun 2015 Onion Skin: pleasantly confusing! Perspective Mapping – Räume aus Licht und KlängenPerspective mapping – spaces made of light and sound
03. Jun 2015 Dream Dairy Farm Store in Chiba/J Weiches Licht als MilchsymbolSoft milky light
29. May 2015 Bond Bar in Melbourne/AUS Licht dynamisch und nicht gerührt!An upgrade to sustainable luxury
27. May 2015 Treaty Centre in Hounslow/UK Licht-Kunst-Skulptur als Shoppingcenter-UpdateLight art sculpture updates shopping centre entrance
22. May 2015 ‟Harmony” in Milan/I Digitales, interaktives Reisfeld für Momente der MagieDigital, interactive paddy field generates moments of magic
18. May 2015 Complexe Desjardins in Montreal/CDN Eine lebendige, adaptive DeckeninstallationA vibrant luminous ceiling
15. May 2015 “Forest” in Toronto/CDN Playground of the future – an interactive luminous forest
13. May 2015 Roka Aldwych Restaurant in London/UK With attention to detail
08. May 2015 “Blueprint” in Eindhoven/NL Traversing architecture and the cosmos
06. May 2015 The Glass Farm in Schijndel/NL A building disguised as a farm
04. May 2015 Cloudscape Bringing sunlight and clouds inside
29. Apr 2015 Water Museum in Lisbon/P Exploring water
27. Apr 2015 Day and Night Light Light to support the human bio-rhythm
24. Apr 2015 “Shadowing” – experimental interactive streetlight in Bristol/UK Reminiscent of Mr. Bean
22. Apr 2015 The Soundwave in Xiangyang/RC An interactive light and sound sculpture
20. Apr 2015 Light in Water in Paris/F An enchanting waterfall of light
13. Apr 2015 Fitness studio with interactive light and sound installation Rise Nation in West Hollywood/USA
09. Apr 2015 “Havre” in Montreal/CDN Inspiring public art installation on a health centre campus
07. Apr 2015 Dynamorph A mystically surreal Biennale pavilion
02. Apr 2015 A virtual sparkling Fabergé egg Projection-mapping window display at Harrod’s in London/UK
30. Mar 2015 Tod’s Store in Tokyo/J Minimalist display solution with pools of light
27. Mar 2015 La maison sensible in Carrières-sous-Poissy/F An interactive space with feelings
25. Mar 2015 Northern Lights in the Netherlands Waterlicht in Weestervoort/NL
23. Mar 2015 Lightcubes Colourful dynamic play of light at Media-Saturn head office in Ingolstadt/D
20. Mar 2015 Brilliant idea in Palo Alto/USA Sculptures comprising multi-lingual phrases in light
18. Mar 2015 Moon installation in Madrid/E Urban-scale flip book
16. Mar 2015 Museum of Fire in Żory /PL Abstract flames
13. Mar 2015 Entering the sun Mind-blowing digital art installation by NASA in Maryland/USA
04. Mar 2015 Mondeal Square in Ahmedabad/IND A colourful media intervention in a flourishing cityscape
20. Feb 2015 Aesop’s new signature space in Oslo/N Where light toys with shapes and contrasts
16. Feb 2015 Osmo in London/ UK Infinite mirrored space inside an inflated silver sphere generates the impression of a miniature-scale cosmos
13. Feb 2015 Living in a Light Box in Da Nang/VN Daylight without windows
11. Feb 2015 Your Colour Perception in Manchester/UK A rainbow room to arouse memories
09. Feb 2015 EMKE office building in Budapest/HU Reception area with impressive lighting details
06. Feb 2015 Street Light Disco in Sydney/AUS Dancing reflections on an historic plaza
02. Feb 2015 Cocoon – light sculpture Silk proteins act as a bio-optic filter
30. Jan 2015 “Flowers and people” in Tokyo/J An interactive room full of digital flowers
28. Jan 2015 “Behaviours of Light” Sculpted light
26. Jan 2015 Light, fragrance and more Unique display lighting in the Aesop flagship store in Hong Kong/RC
21. Jan 2015 M-Auditorium in Mumbai/IND Spatial design based on sound wave patterns
19. Jan 2015 Homos Luminosos Holographic light sculptures
16. Jan 2015 “Colors of the wind way” in Yokohama/J Wind translated into light
14. Jan 2015 Glistening weatherproof jacket LED Researched fashion
12. Jan 2015 Water-Moon Monastery in Taipei/Taiwan Buddhism translated into contemporary architecture
09. Jan 2015 Prismatica in Montreal/CDN Magical light, sound and colour effects
07. Jan 2015 1967 Bar in Tokyo/ J Effective reflections
19. Dec 2014 Luminous Christmas tree in Namhae Island /KOR A sketch made with light
17. Dec 2014 Starry-eyed in Hamburg’s Passagenviertel/D Twinkle, twinkle …
15. Dec 2014 Jean Jaurès subway station in Toulouse/F Light and glass
12. Dec 2014 Randen Arashiyama Station in Arashiyama, Kyoto/J An abstract bamboo forest made of light
10. Dec 2014 Liyuan Library in Jiaojiehe/RC Modest materials for grandiose effect
08. Dec 2014 Boost® Energy Lab Adidas flagship store in Myeondong/KOR
03. Dec 2014 Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich/D Landscapes of light
01. Dec 2014 Vortex in Bordeaux/F Energy consumption visualised through light
26. Nov 2014 Intersections A light art installation to express the symbiosis of differences
19. Nov 2014 Point of View in New Taipei/Taiwan Colourful reflections to fire the imagination
12. Nov 2014 Qela Boutique in Doha/VAE A flagship store that thrives on diversity, elegance and a touch of drama
10. Nov 2014 Kaiseki Yoshiyuki & Horse’s Mouth in Singapur/SGKaiseki Yoshiyuki & Horse’s Mouth in Singapore/SGP A noble bar and restaurant with mysterious appeal
07. Nov 2014 “Binary Sculpture” in the Manyata Embassy Business Park/ IND Binary light code
05. Nov 2014 Scenography re-invented Latvian National Opera House in Riga/LV
31. Oct 2014 The Al Aziz Mosque in Abu Dhabi/UAE Subtle luminous lettering
29. Oct 2014 “Situation Room” in New York City/USA A walk-in pink amoeba
27. Oct 2014 Lucas Place Lofts in Kansas City/USA Simply stunning
24. Oct 2014 “Water Towers” in Norfolk, Virginia/USA Light, sound and colour
22. Oct 2014 Theater de Stoep in Spijkenisse/NL Expressing the magic of live theatre
20. Oct 2014 Chapel Bridge in Lucerne/CH Poetry and interaction
17. Oct 2014 “Smart Textiles” – LED clothing Efficient fashion
15. Oct 2014 Pancho Arena/HU In praise of football
10. Oct 2014 DOMunder in Utrecht/NL With torches to show the way …
08. Oct 2014 “Fall in Pop” A waterfall of fabric and light
06. Oct 2014 Louis Vuitton store/J Elegant light patterns and luxury
01. Oct 2014 Instalação in Porto/P An elegant and unconventional bar
25. Sep 2014 Floating on light Foyer in the Skylight building in Frankfurt/D
19. Sep 2014 Electronic make-up What works on facades can also work on human faces
15. Sep 2014 Fly to Baku – painted in light Believing your eyes
10. Sep 2014 Lift Corridor – Soho office building in Shanghai/RC Infinity mirror – same effect, new interpretation
08. Sep 2014 Arboreal Lightning in London/UK The inexpressible expressed through light
03. Sep 2014 “Emergence” LED sculpture/GB To abstraction: a glittering school of fish
01. Sep 2014 Symbol photography of the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque/Iran The art of symbol photography in architecture
29. Aug 2014 Pushing the limits – in every sense of the phrase House of Mamba – featuring an LED basketball court/ China
27. Aug 2014 Trifolium – organic architecture in Sydney/AUS A three-pronged Pavilion
22. Aug 2014 Fusionner 2.0 – Paper Cave in Japan The merging of light and architecture
20. Aug 2014 Lotus landmark The Lotus Building and People’s Park in Wujin/China

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