12. Jun 2017 Destined for collective failure At the risk of not being allowed to cross British borders in future, I simply cannot hold back my open
12. Jun 2017 Meaningful defragmentation The definition of design research in the realm of architectural lighting revolves around what research is,
12. Jun 2017 Therapeutic applications of light It is essential for professional lighting designers to understand that light, in addition to fulfilling the practical and
12. Jun 2017 Blue light as a key to enhanced health Blue light as a natural medicine to counteract a number of widespread ailments:
12. Jun 2017 The ergonomics of light There have been many books written about Ergonomics, but none of them addresses the topic of light and lighting.
10. May 2017 Light shift for work shifts How can biomedical research support retail lighting design? My opinion:
17. Jun 2016 Harmful lighting AMA adopts community guidance to reduce the harmful human and environmental effects of high intensity street lighting My opinion:
20. May 2016 Genius Luci – a world-first urban lighting museum in EUR in Rom Genius Luci – a world-first urban lighting museum in EUR in Rom. My opinion:
20. May 2016 Think Tank 2015 Lighting design in the urban realm Think Tank 2015 – Lighting design in the urban realm. My opinion:
20. May 2016 LED outdoor advertising in the urban context Case study of “Walk”: a video installation integrated into the façade of a store in Zürich/CH.
20. May 2016 Lighting Master Plans – what then? An outlook Text: Roger Narboni My opinion:
20. May 2016 Urban lighting strategies now and in the future From trends to transitions: re-defining the quality of urban lighting Text: Iris Dijkstra My opinion:
20. May 2016 The public realm – the realm that belongs to the public Comments by Riccardo Marini, Gehl Architects Urban quality is all about place making, turning a neighbourhood, town or city from a place you cannot wait to get through to one you never want to leave. But what kind of city do the city dwellers want? Does anyone ever ask them?! In a nutshell, the criteria […]
20. May 2016 Inspiring change Introducing streets as outdoor corridors.
26. Feb 2016 Two Roman ruins/I Telling stories
Fotograf Marius Tegethoff schafft es, praktisch unsichtbare, doch seltsam vertraute Szenen im Bild festzuhalten: Von beinah übernatürlichen Aufnahmen (der Himmel) bis hin zu Nahaufnahmen (die Hängeleuchte Stream von Terzani). www.mariustegethoff.com
26. Feb 2016 Teaching the history of the vision of light through ages and cultures How our understanding and vision of light has evolved through the ages
26. Feb 2016 Ingeniously unique Anyone can produce an architectural drawing using pencil and paper…
16. Oct 2015 Light for the soul Throughout history many have said that light and the soul are the same thing...
16. Oct 2015 Creating illusions of nature using artificial light How the medium of light correlates with human well-being.
16. Oct 2015 Energy vs. health? With our cities becoming increasingly denser, should we not be reconsidering the role and value of integrative lighting design in planning processes?
14. Aug 2015 The fine line ...between enhancing and manipulating through designed/dynamic light
14. Aug 2015 The dim We are stuck in a light habit; go sit in The dim
14. Aug 2015 Biophilic lighting design A natural choice
22. May 2015 “Sensing Spaces” staged at the Royal Academy of Arts in London/UK Monumental
FP2 Beruf Facebook
22. May 2015 Lighting controls – who controls the lights? What does technological change mean for the development of lighting design concepts?
11. Feb 2015 “Medellínes of light“ Workshop to develop a Lighting Master Plan for the city of Medellín and the Aburrá Valley, Colombia
11. Feb 2015 Creative boost New technologies open doors to new creativity
14. Nov 2014 Reflector or lens for the LED The pros and cons of aluminium reflectors vis-à-vis lenses, plastic reflectors, prismatic optics and diffusers
14. Nov 2014 Trends in lighting Observations by Akari-Lisa and Motoko Ishii
05. Sep 2014 Learning by experience The contextual practicalities of working on projects in India
05. Sep 2014 Reflected light in Iranian architecture Reflected light in Iranian architecture
05. Sep 2014 The collaboration of light, art and architecture in Western culture A critical review
06. Jun 2014 Vitamin D The truth about Vitamin D and sun exposure demystified Finding the balance for personal health
06. Jun 2014 New lighting solutions for the elderly Vision deteriorates as we grow older
24. Mar 2014 Lighting retail environments What does the lighting in retail spaces need to achieve to meet a particular retail brand’s aspirations?
24. Mar 2014 Lighting and graphic design When the boundaries between two disciplines begin to blur.
23. Mar 2014 The principles of Nordic Lighting applied in a jeweller’s shop in Stockholm/S A fine example of the virtues of LEDs.
10. Mar 2014 Daylighting is in the air What can be done when a space has no access to daylight? A revolution in lighting.
13. Feb 2014 Target group-adequate lighting of shop and retail areas New retail study by Zumtobel.
24. Jan 2014 Lighting World Heritage Cities – a case study of Valletta The lighting of heritage cities is seen as a major component of redevelopment.
24. Jan 2014 A programme to develop a legible nocturnal image for Stockholm This paper approaches the issue of urban lighting design through the concept of urban planning.
24. Jan 2014 To light or not to light? What professional lighting designers need to know.
29. Nov 2013 Dialux evo 3 release The latest version for lighting design offers some exciting innovations.
06. Nov 2013 Lighting Research Center’s NLPIP Releases Report on Plasma Lighting Systems The report responses from a survey of more than 300 lighting specifiers.
25. Oct 2013 Light as the generator of the structural building In seinen Kunstwerken nutzt Barak die drei Einheiten Licht, Material und Raum.
25. Oct 2013 Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer: New results with Greenhouse Crops Advances in narrowband LED technology
23. Oct 2013 Osram: Research results to reduce winterblues Sorry, this entry is only available in German.
23. Oct 2013 Everything under control Lighting management is the most important task in the future. Our dossier includes statements from lighting designers on this subject.
14. Oct 2013 Lighting that complements the design and brand of a store Research study to evaluate the effect of the LED modules.
23. Sep 2013 Is there more daylight in Europe compared to USA? In an office, daylight raises morale, increases productivity and decreases sick days and product defects.
15. Aug 2013 The Dark Art The topic of darkness and its role and significance as a design tool.
08. Aug 2013 Lighthouse for the Dutchman Visualizing a design idea and ensuring reality does not differ from the client's expectations.
03. Aug 2013 A framework of darkness The concept of light/dark of the lighting designers Concepto for the City of Rennes/F.
27. Mar 2013 The realisation of the Tiziano-exhibition If lighting is history. The realisation of the Tiziano-exhibition in Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome/I.
25. Mar 2013 LED lighting in art LED lighting: a curse or blessing when it comes to lighting art? There has been heated debate on this topic for a long time.
05. Mar 2013 LED – the answer to everything? We need to include social factors when we start the discussion on the real status quo of the market.
10. Jan 2013 Colour theory in modern cinema It is very important to understand the motivation of light and colour to fully appreciate the inherent effects.
08. Jan 2013 Light in underground stations A lighting designer must create a solution to facilitate way finding and address the aesthetic.
05. May 2012 Lighting Design – a profession for passionate people A definition of lighting design still remains to be formulated in such way that colleagues are in agreement with it.
05. Apr 2012 The role of lighting masterplans The idea of a lighting masterplan seems to have caught on. But where exactly?
05. Apr 2012 New paradigms for urban spaces and their users The research will focus on pedestrian spaces with or without slow-moving traffic.
05. Apr 2012 A lighting masterplan 2030 for Abu-Dhabi/UAE One of the main tasks was to implement a lighting masterplan to reflect the structure of the city after nightfall.
04. Apr 2012 The lighting masterplan for the Old City of Jerusalem/IL Retracing the form and silouette of the city through lighting was a huge challenge.
05. Feb 2012 Die Gestalt theory in lighting design The gestalt theory of visual organization is a very useful tol in designing aesthetic order in any space.
05. Feb 2012 Drawing in architectural lighting design As a process and product, drawing is a constituent part of the overall lighting design process, from concept to realism.
05. Nov 2011 The time factor in relation to the electric lighting in urban spaces Views and observations of the research unit “Licht_Raum“ (“Light_Space“).
05. Nov 2011 The aesthetic of lighting atmospheres It is no longer a matter of light to see by, but rather light in its own right – to attract attention.
05. Nov 2011 Lighting Design is an art We become focused on supposed tools, whatever the latest practice buzzwords or fads are in vogue. This is a myth.
05. Nov 2011 Light design – The Dark Art Is darkness absent from the light designer’s palette?
05. Oct 2011 Circadian Adaptive Lighting About the beginning of a new era in lighting design and a landmark paradigm shift from which all will benefit.
05. Oct 2011 Science Storms at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago/USA How could you help teach museum visitors about the properties of light?
05. Aug 2011 Cosy without incandescents Creating a pleasant atmosphere without incandescent lamps using modern lighting control equipment.
05. May 2011 Shop lighting study Studie zur Unterstützung wissenschaftlich basierter Lichtplanung im Shopbereich.Gathering the evidence for evidence-based lighting design for the retail environment.
05. May 2011 Good lighting fills the tills LEDs – the shop lighting of the future.
05. Feb 2011 Lighting urban parks Reviewing the basics.
05. Feb 2011 Masdar Plaza in Abu Dhabi/UAE Conceptual ideas for a city of the future.
06. Dec 2010 Office lighting: When research meets design A framework consisting of well-researched characteristics.
05. Dec 2010 The Light Within A deeper insight into the relationship between man and light.
05. Dec 2010 Daylight as a point of departure for lighting design Sky and sun: future light sources for a ‘more’ human design?
05. Oct 2010 Three churches, three concepts The interior and exterior illumination for places of worship is more than a purely technical challenge.
05. Oct 2010 Sacred light, secular light How have the four main religions moduled our societies and our attitude to light?
05. Oct 2010 Daylight design for healthy learning environments What role does natural light play?
05. Aug 2010 A new era in museum design The works of art are classified into categories according to their light sensitivity.
05. Aug 2010 Designing with daylight The architectonics of light considers the material qualities of glass as having the most comprehensive ability to generate a volumetric quality of light.
05. May 2010 OMG….he’s green! About lighting and how it can promote the wrong message.
05. May 2010 Animation and digital lighting A development which could already be described as a culture and/or technology transfer.
05. May 2010 Less or Else is Becoming a Bore Creating a sustainable and innovative future for Lighting Design.
05. Mar 2010 Alexandra Infant School in the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames/UK Giving “new” a new meaning.
05. Mar 2010 Light and autistic children Designing the lit environment as a communication tool within the pervasive developmentally disordered population.
05. Mar 2010 The effect of light on learning behaviour The influence of ambient lighting on pupils in classrooms
02. Dec 2009 James Turrell – light as an absolute metaphor A year of the superlatives for the American light artist
02. Dec 2009 Lighting design in Asia – a challenge A report on lighting designers with European roots working in Asia
20. Sep 2009 Light Emitting Dreams Dreams made of light: LEDs as a vision of the future
20. Sep 2009 Light art using artificial light About the history, development and the meaning of light in the field of art
19. Jul 2009 Natural light: it’s the real Daylight
19. Jul 2009 Shadow images On the possibilities of designing with shadow
19. Jul 2009 Daylighting in office buildings Thoughts on the illumination of office spaces – past, present and future
16. Jun 2009 How to communicate light Presentation techniques used by experienced lighting designers
16. Jun 2009 A final glow, the new flicker, or the new drug LED Über Märchen, Irrungen und WirrungenThe fairy tales, trials and tribulations that currently hold sway over the market
07. Mar 2009 Appreciating Shape SkulpturbeleuchtungLighting a sculpture

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