20. Apr 2018 Review The Cities’ Forum at PLDC 2017 in Paris. My opinion:
14. Dec 2017 Three open calls for the TAVA2018 festival Open calls for conference speakers, Artist Submissions and Workshop Leaders. My opinion:
13. Sep 2017 “New Light of Light” LG OLED Design Competition 2017: An opportunity for everyone My opinion:
10. May 2017 Latitude Lights Nina Edwards Anker has been honored with the renowned Bronze A’ Design Award My opinion:
09. May 2017 Talent development programme Creative Producers International  –  open call My opinion:
27. Mar 2017 Art as an immersive experience Lighting design workshop and seminar in the Art History Museum in Vienna featuring an evidence-based neuroscientific approach to lighting. My opinion:
01. Mar 2017 The future of urban lighting Creative and intelligent solutions to support and enhance social life in cities My opinion:
23. Dec 2016 Open for submissions Amsterdam Light Festival 2017-2018: Call for Concepts My opinion:
09. Nov 2016 Destined for collective failure London is about to throw a lot of money into the Thames A comment by Joachim Ritter See the complete results and shortlisted works here. My opinion:
08. Nov 2016 Proposals Unveiled for Lighting London’s Bridges published Six shortlisted designs from 107. Also see the comment from Joachim Ritter here. My opinion:
25. Oct 2016 Nordic Lighting Design Award 2016 Norway wins Nordic Lighting Design Awards My opinion:
20. Oct 2016 It is now official PLDC gains the official support of the City of Paris My opinion:
29. Sep 2016 Competition: “You dream, we light” LG Display OLED Design Competition 2016 My opinion:
21. Sep 2016 LewesLight 2016 LewesLight enters its second year My opinion:
03. Aug 2016 Light Symposium Wismar 2016 Future of Healthy Light and Lighting in Daily Life // PLDC 2017 Warm-up Party My opinion:
29. Jul 2016 Let’s go cosmic LAMP connects talents to new markets My opinion:
25. Jul 2016 “Urbanimals” On the subject of the “Playable City Award” My opinion:
15. Jul 2016 Imagining new futures for the cities of the world Competition: Playable City Award 2016 My opinion:
21. Jun 2016 Early Career Researchers More co ordination required My opinion:
17. Jun 2016 The Illuminated River in London International Design Competition for Thames bridges in London. My opinion:
07. Jun 2016 EILD workshop 2016 in Brazil Centro de Artes e Convenções da UFOP Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais – Brazil My opinion:
02. May 2016 Call for ideas Sydney Christmas Lights 2016 – 2021 Register for particitaption now until 10. May 2016 My opinion:
29. Feb 2016 The Challenge 2016/2017 Speaker's contest for young designers
24. Feb 2016 Light+Building 2016 in Frankfurt VIA stand will again serve as a meeting point for designers and architects
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10. Feb 2016 MAB Student Design Competition 24-hour design challenge.
18. Dec 2015 Italian artist Elisa Spanò… … is the winner of the Osram art award.
19. Nov 2015 Akari-Lisa Ishii receives the ACE Prix de la Conception Lumière Water Tower in Cherbourg-Octeville/F
20. Oct 2015 “Riprenditi la Città, Riprendi la luce” competition organised by the Italian Lighting Association Third edition of the international video competition.
27. Aug 2015 “Architectural Lighting Design Workshops” video on Nuckolls Fund website Dieser Beitrag ist in englischer Sprache abrufbarA comprehensive video summary of highlights
23. Jul 2015 “Nightscape 2050 – a dialogue between Cities – Light – People in Future” Wanderausstellung – konzipiert von Lighting Planners Associates (LPA)Travelling Exhibition – by Lighting Planners Associates (LPA)
08. Jul 2015 ‘Light!Art!Efficiency!’ competition organised by Mainova AG for Luminale 2016 AusschreibungCall for entries
27. May 2015 International ideas contest “Urban Lightscape”… …Startschuss für eine neue Lichtlösung im Stadtteil Eur in Rom/ITA… new lighting system in the Eur district in Rom/I
06. Mar 2015 PLDC 2015 programm released PLDC 2015 verspricht ein vielfältiges ProgrammPLDC 2015 promises an exciting programme yet again
09. Jan 2015 Media Architecture Biennale 2014 Medienarchitektur und Interaction Design in Aarhus/DKMedia architecture and interaction design in Aarhus/DK
18. Dec 2014 ILDC in Teheran 1600 Teilnehmern 1600 attendees
04. Sep 2014 Asian Lighting Designers’ Association, ALDA founded ALDA starts to recruit members
22. Jul 2014 Light artist Otto Piene died Born on 28. April, 1928 in Bad Laasphe. Died on 17. Juli, 2014 in Berlin

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