We are a creative, medium-sized, internationally oriented company based in Gütersloh.
Our magazine Professional Lighting Design is distributed worldwide in different language versions and is a market leader in its field.
Our conventions and seminar events have achieved global recognition and are changing the marketplace. Furthermore, we represent a professional lighting designers’ association and organize or realize high-quality events on their behalf in Europe and overseas.
Our company is currently growing – both in content and geographically. The VIA Group also includes a company in Sweden, an event management company, and a service company offering translations and editing/writing services.
We offer you the opportunity to apply your skills and talents in our company and to play a role in its growth and in further shaping of our corporate philosophy.
We pride ourselves on a good working atmosphere in a small, committed team in a highly interesting area of operation. We are competent decision-makers that move things forward, and look forward to including you in these processes.

Temporary no vacancies.

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