05. Nov 2014

Latvian National Opera House in Riga/LV

Photos: Ernests Sveisbergs

The “City Festival” that takes place in Riga/LV once a year incorporates music, theatre and dance performances as well as art and sports events and a number of other popular attractions. One of the performances staged at this year’s festival in the Latvian National Opera House in August demonstrated a new understanding of scenography – as a tool for the creation of various spatial situations rather than purely stage decoration. The atmosphere on stage was determined by a series of illuminated flexible tubes. The “Music, Dance, Adventure” event included dances performed by children and professional dance groups to both classical music and well-known musical melodies played by the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra. The stage was lit by the illuminated tubes, which could be bundled or draped flexibly to create luminous trees, a forest or an impressive backdrop curtain.

Ten thousand metres of transparent flexible plastic tubes were suspended from above the stage filling the ten by ten-metre performance area of the ten-metre high National Opera House stage. The plastic tubes, which the audience perceived as ribbons, were used as reflective surfaces with light focussed on them from the side, from above or from the front, depending on the desired effect. The plastic tubes structured the stage space. When illuminated they created the right atmosphere for the respective scene: scenography re-invented.

 Project team:

Stage design: Didzis Jaunzems Architecture (DJA)
Stage lighting: Martins Feldmanis

Verwendete Produkte:

Projectors, downlights: Mac Aura, Martin Professional; Alpha Profile 700, Clay Paky
Projectors, front light: PC 1000W, Robert Juliat
Projectors, side lighting: Profile 600 SX, Robert Juliat; Source Four, ETC


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