20. Mar 2015

Sculptures comprising multi-lingual phrases in light

Design and photos: Creative Machines Inc –
Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

Artists Joe O’Connell and Segen Hancock are the creative minds behind “Brilliance” a family of six luminous sculptures placed throughout the plaza between the Main Library and the Arts Center in Palo Alto/USA to link the two buildings.

During the daytime the stainless steel the sculptures, which feature multi-lingual phrases collected from the community, sparkle in the Californian sunshine. After dark, point-source LED fixtures mounted inside the three-dimensional sculptures – just one light source per sculpture – bring the lantern-like forms to life: sharply contoured, colourful shadows are cast onto nearby surfaces and the people who interact with them. The idea was that the sculptures actually affect a considerably larger volume of space than they physically occupy.

The multi-lingual phrases that were cut into the stainless steel with a water jet reflect the cultural richness of the Palo Alto community. Each lantern also includes a touch button that allows visitors to control the sculpture’s lighting. The colourful cross-cultural lanterns thus promote social interaction in a key public space.


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