08. Dec 2014

Adidas flagship store in Myeondong/KOR

Photos: Young Kim Indipos

On the occasion of the launch of Adidas’ new Boost® running shoes the team of architects from Urbantainer were commissioned to design a Boost® Energy Lab – an experience space in the Adidas flagship store in Myeondong/KOR. To enhance the shopping experience for potential customers and create a unified brand atmosphere, the architects brought together graphic design, light installations, and enhanced experience touch points in an overall concept.

The Boost® Energy Lab space comprises two zones. The Display Zone, which highlights the functionality and the design of the new running shoe, and the Experience Zone, where customers can try the shoes on and test the feel. The Display Zone features a double-layered LED wall, whose design addresses the special cushioning incorporated into the design of the shoe. The cushioning is represented by acrylic cylinders, the ends of which glow thanks to total internal reflection, together with a dynamic colour-changing lighting installation providing the narrative: the interplay between cohesion and explosive power that boosts energy and running skills. The luminous honeycomb patterns on the wall are very similar to the patterns on the running shoes. The Experience Zone features LED panels incorporated into the flooring which interact with the projections mapped onto the walls.

Trying on and buying shoes in this flagship store is enhanced by the fun, interactive, and practically immersive environment provided. The dynamic lighting scheme reinforces the energy the running shoes claim to generate in the wearer. Care should be taken, however, to prevent the designed effects becoming kitschy.

 Project team:

Architects: Urbantainer Co.,LTD.– Younjin Jeong, Bohyung Kim, Minsuk Kim, Sujung Lee
Clients: Adidas Korea


adidas ‘boost energy lab’ designed by URBANTAINER from URBANTAINER on Vimeo.

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