29. May 2015

An upgrade to sustainable luxury

Architects: Hachem
Photos: Shania Shegedyn

The Bond Bar, located in a multi-storey car park in Melbourne/AUS, bears many similarities to a James Bond film set: exclusive, luxurious and somehow a little mysterious and exciting. The new design for the glamourous nightspot was developed by Hachem Architects. The signature curves and intimate lounge atmosphere remained untouched, while the decor was stripped of its heavier elements and a stunning lighting strategy was implemented. Sustainability and longevity were the primary objectives of the refurbishment project: the exclusive bar was to be developed as a business model that would “thrive and thrill for years”. The facility now comprises bar area, a courtyard, VIP entrances, multifunctional spaces, and a Green Room (a lounge where performers wait to go on stage), thus making good use of the space available. Striking dynamic lines of light, accompanied by a sound system, together with the glossy surfaces, help generate that 007 feeling.

The project comprised a number of challenges: low ceilings and a fixed series of support columns that divide the space. The architects opted to incorporate seating areas between the columns, and LED lighting was integrated into the room surfaces, making the curvature of the walls more undulating. Light is reflected in the black and golden walls and tables, which also renders the bar more generously proportioned. The seamless sound and lighting system can be programmed or controlled live via a series of consoles throughout the space. At one of the bars, the bottles behind the barkeeper have been illuminated using custom designed LED strips integrated into the shelving. Retro chairs and benches made of leather and velvet, together with dark carpeting and golden drapes in the VIP area complete the James Bond backdrop.

All that is missing is the Aston Martin!


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