08. May 2015

Traversing architecture and the cosmos

Photos: Joanie Lemercier

The light and sound installation “Blueprint” comprised a fifteen-minute choreography of digital structural elements displayed on screens. It was exhibited in March 2015 at the STRP biennial event in Eindhoven/NL, which brings together art, technology, experimental pop culture and science and links these to a wide and diverse audience. French artist Joanie Lemercier designed “Blueprint” to address the relationship between artificial building structures and natural structures. The fascinating and sometimes confusing choreography was accompanied by sounds designed by the American-British music artist James Ginzburg. Video mapping can be applied to generate unusual projection formats, in this case to question the architecture of the world and its geometry. The climax to the performance took the form of an anamorphosis (a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image).

“Blueprint” was 23 metres high and 11.5 metres long and installed in an old industrial building. The installation was composed of a central monolithic tower flanked on either side by two large screens. The video-mapping on the screens was designed to toy with the viewer’s perception, the interplay of recognisable structures and non- recognisable elements symbolising the correlation of order and chaos.

Project team:

Installation design: Joanie Lemercier
Software developer: Nikolay Matveiev
Media server developer: Tom Butterworth
Sound design: James Ginzburg


Blueprint from Joanie Lemercier on Vimeo.

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