07. Nov 2014

Binary light code

Photos: dpa Lighting Design

Bangalore, the third largest city in India after Mumbai and Delhi, is the most important IT hub in the country. The Manyata Embassy Business Park in Bangalore/IND is home to a large number of computer and high-tech companies, thus underscoring the city’s place on the map in this regard. The centrepiece of the business park’s entrance plaza has received an artwork, the “Binary Sculpture” – a steel cube featuring binary light codes – which greets all visitors to the site. Normally binary codes, represented by noughts and ones, are a simple system for processing digital information. In the case of the “Binary Sculpture” they also form the basis for displaying dynamic lighting effects.

Each of the four visible faces of the four-metre high steel cube has an array of “0” and “1” binary cut-outs, making reference to the IT nature of the work of many of the park’s companies. Located directly behind each cut-out is an acrylic diffuser and behind this an LED colour-changing node. Each of the LED modules is individually addressable and programmable via a central control system, thus enabling the sculpture to display patterns or running texts with slogans from the Manyata Embassy Business Park.

The lighting design for the “Binary Sculpture” was developed by dpa Lighting Design, who were also responsible for the design and implementation of the lighting masterplan for the entire site. The eye-catching sculpture makes for a true synonym for what the location stands for.

Project team:

Client: Embassy Property Developments Private Limited
Lighting design: Iain Carlile – dpa Lighting Design
Sculpture design: Romicon Revola

Products applied:

Dot XL-6 RGB LED modules and Butler XT2 control system from Traxon e:cue


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