09. Feb 2015

With facade light lines from Insta equips

Photo: Michel Djaoui

The library in Lyon/F was fitted with facade illumination by Insta as part of a renovation project. The desire was to design the library building more attractively on the outside as well.

With perfectly presented illumination this has undoubtedly been achieved. For this purpose, facade light lines from Insta were attached vertically on the side walls of the building in order to present books of different thicknesses. On the south facade, an emergency staircase was staged as a protruding ancient book with golden letters, and the east facade represents the transition to the digital media age with light points. The building, which is already well-known anyway and characterises the cityscape, is highlighted by this lighting installation and demonstrates the medial significance even at night.

The client was the city of Lyon. The lighting requirements were implemented by the light planner Atelier Roland Joel for BC engineers. A total of more than 500 metres of the light line were installed. The Ledlux LH in white was chosen as LED lighting. The LH design can be connected directly to 230 Volts thereby ensuring significant assembly and time-saving advantages for the installation engineers.

Project team:

Customer: Ville de Lyon
Light planning: Guillaume Jéol vom l’Atelier Roland Jéol, Lyon für BC Ingenierie
Supplier of lighting and control: Insta agency Soliled, Montbonnot

Products applied:

instalight 4010 LH


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