10. Feb 2015

Thorn has been involved in
road lighting since the earliest innovations

We all need to get from here to there and more than ever we need to do so with ease, safely and using less energy. At night our journey becomes more difficult and it is road lighting that transforms our routes. It takes a lot of experience and expertise to provide appropriate lighting that enhances safety yet meets today’s demanding energy reduction ambitions.

Road lighting trends towards energy saving Thorn has been involved in road lighting since the earliest innovations. Over the years the company has developed and applied many light sources and luminaires, consistently driving down energy use each time. Today Thorn continues to provide dependable performance and smart solutions in road lighting encompassing the latest changes in technology. There is a growing demand for better control of energy, reduced light pollution and wider compatibility with diverse digital systems. Globally, there is a trend to use LED and white light to both lower the energy required for lighting and lower the required lighting level. Research shows that we see more efficiently in whiter light than under conventional light sources. Changes in technology make it possible to control obtrusive light and to reduce energy, all geared towards achieving tough environmental standards. A further significant development can be recorded in the field of outdoor lighting controls. LED enables various control options: either via presence detection, part night dimming, linked groups of fittings that are triggered jointly, or when the city is digitally connected. The ability to interact with lighting and use data to fine tune energy and performance profiles is enabling municipalities to react to the needs of the population, to prolong the life of an installation, and to plan for the future. Lighting can be more efficient than ever, respect the human need for darkness, and contribute towards the development of a truly smart city. To achieve all these aims it takes a team with experience, practical know-how and a portfolio of great projects. Thorn has a wealth of experience in all aspects of road lighting, and can document this through a large number of reliable solutions and positive feedback from clients. New product in focus: R2L2 – all roads lead to one LED solution R2L2 is a comprehensive range of luminaires for road lighting, sourced with state-of-the-art LED technology and offering excellent lighting performance. R2L2 luminaires are available in three different sizes with a wide choice of light distributions and lumen outputs, plus special optics for pedestrian crossing applications. High-performance R-PEC optics make for energy-efficient operation (up to 100lm/W), delivering eleven precise light distributions with no spill light. R2L2 maximises energy savings with a wide range of intelligent lighting control solutions ranging from stand-alone dimming to full remote control via a central monitoring system. R2L2 also has an attractive, universal integral pole adapter, which allows pole-top or side-mounting as well as multi-position tilt adjustment.


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