28. Jan 2015

Sculpted light

Installation and photos: JNZNBRK – Kyle Janzen und Chris Burke

“Behaviours of Light” was a temporary installation designed by JNZNBRK (Kyle Janzen and Chris Burke) for the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 2013. The installation was to examine light, surfaces and spatial experience through the convergence of digital projections and analogue constructs, and the goal was to transform an entire architectural space using light. Dynamic, geometric reflections danced across walls, floor and ceiling, contributing to the fascinating experience of an ever-changing space.

39 translucent and semi-reflective acrylic triangles were suspended in space with two projection sources focussed on them. The surrounding room surfaces were treated with semi-reflective film. In conjunction with the room surfaces, the triangles served to sculpt the light, creating an array of delicate, geometric patterns.

A stunning, aesthetic marriage of light and materials.

Products applied:

BenQ MX816 digital projectors


Behaviours of Light from JNZNBRK on Vimeo.

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