Project team:
Client: Barceló Hotels & Resorts
Architect: Giancarlo Marzorati
Interior design and lighting design: Simone Micheli
Project management and design development: Enrico Favero

Products applied:

26. Feb 2016

The term “blue hour” acquires a new meaning

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Maurizio Marcato, Jürgen Eheim

Italy is the epitome when it comes to design, fashion and culture. A leader in these areas and extremely creative. And yet sometimes modern trends and historical roots seem to get in each other’s way. Where in Italy can we find truly new modern design that renders visible references to fashion, culture and the state of the country itself? And what role does light play in this context?

But let’s take a look at the hospitality industry today, especially in conjunction with Expo 2015, which brought together international architects and designers who worked on the different countries’ projects and pavilions. The Barceló Milan, a project owned by a Spanish hotel group and designed by Italian architects, is located in close proximity to what served as the Expo 2015 site. The hotel demonstrates some interesting approaches to combining modern architecture and light in a functional manner. The new hotel was created to re-examine and review the criteria related to this class of hotel and its promotion and communication strategies. The architects set out to forget all the antiquated, obsolete and oldfashioned definitions of business hotels, and erase any preconceived definitions of stereotyped morphological typologies. Their objective was to create a hybrid place of wonder, a structure where form and materials can be juxtaposed and blended, and culture, nature and metropolitanism can achieve a new mix. The Barceló Milan is a new benchmark for hotels to come. The Barceló Milan is not intended to be a business hotel or a simple design hotel: it is a three-dimensional manifesto of the possible. […]


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