Project team:

Interior design: Adolfsson & Partners

Lighting design: ÅF Lighting – Martin Petersson, Tobias Olsson,
Fanny Englund, Francesco Guastella, Kai Piippo

Interaction design: 3D-sense

DMX programming: Geir Sire

18. Oct 2017

Biophilic design in the King office complex in Stockholm/SE.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag
Photos: Joachim Belaieff

In nature, every plant and species of animal yearns for ideal conditions in which to thrive and grow. It is no different when it comes to fostering ideas: working environments that feature the best possible conditions for their users can help ideas expand to acquire enormously creative and highly successful dimensions – an aspect which is being given increasingly higher priority in our modern working world, or in urbane enterprises where such spatial atmospheres are deemed necessary and appropriate. The right atmosphere can inspire the people working in the space to be far more creative and flexible than ever thought possible. Certainly a great basis for a developer of colourful, highly imaginative video games, when creating the right scenarios for their staff to fulfil their daily tasks.

King is based in Stockholm in an “old new” building located where two main roads cross in the centre of the Swedish capital. The game developer’s main focus is on so-called social or online games – games that are generally browser-based within a social network or function via a smartphone app. One of King’s greatest inventions is Candy Crush, which is known all over the world.

The building, which dates back to 1931 and features a striking brick facade, housed a number of different companies before King set up their offices there. Now, after refurbishment and with King moving in, it has become a kind of melting pot of the media industry. And not only because the team there spend all their time inventing colourful video games of all kinds, but because the employees occupy spaces they can truly call their own, places where the borders between fiction, as found in the games they design, and reality, as appealing as it may be in this work environment, blur. An environment that is brimming with enlightening creativity.

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