Project team:

Client: Autostadt GmbH, Wolfsburg/D
Architects: Henn GmbH, München, Berlin/D
Lighting design: Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung GmbH,
Maedebach Werbung GmbH, Braunschweig/D
Nordsound Event- & Medientechnik, Oebisfelde/D


Products applied:

538 recessed LED spotlights, wide beam;
70 recessed LED spotlights, narrow beam
Colour temperature:
4000 Kelvin, 34 watt / luminaire; approx. 1900 lm per fixture
Manufacturer: LBM/Endo
All luminaires individually addressable via DMX
Mirrored surfaces: Approx. 1200 m2 high-precision mirror foil
spanned on an aluminium frame
Manufacturer: Alluvial

05. May 2013

Upside down
ZeitHaus – Automobile Museum in Wolfsburg/D

Text: Kardoff Ingenieure
Photos: Autostadt GmbH, Wolfsburg, Kardorff Ingenieure

The ZeitHaus Museum presents the milestones in the 126-year-old history of the automobile industry, taking as examples over 100 vehicles from a wide range of automobile manufacturers. The philosophy of the museum is to show trendsetters: cars that set standards and served other manufacturers as models or examples for their own developments, be they of a technological, conceptual, design or manufacturing nature. And since the lighting solution has turned the exhibition spaces upside down, you can be forgiven for turning the following pages upside down to appreciate the effect to the full…

 The viewer’s perception of the five-storey building section that looks like a glazed display cabinet is enhanced by the use of LED lighting and mirrored ceiling surfaces. Thanks to the reflections, the exhibits can be seen from many different perspectives from outside – and from a distance. Just by looking up, visitors to the museum can already see reflections of the historic automobiles from the main lobby, a view to whet their appetite for the rest of the exhibition.
In the exhibition spaces themselves, visitors gain a completely new impression of the car bodies on display: the exhibits can literally be viewed from all sides. The mirrored ceilings (mirror foil spanned on aluminium frames) optically enlarge the exhibits in the so-called “Rack” section. Discreet recessed LED spotlights make for a calming, uniform feel to the space. […]


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