Project team:

Client: CPH Copenhagen Airport
General contractor: Promecon
Project area: 4500 m2
Architect: Kasper Danielsen Arkitekter A/S
Engineer: Moe & Brødsgaard A/S


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19. Jul 2009

Positively out of control
Daylight effects that work on their own

Text: Gad Giladi
Photos: Adam Mørk, Gad Giladi, Joachim Ritter

Copenhagen Airport is considered to be one of the best airports in the world. Structurally, the building is unusual: elements made of curved steel form distinct pointed arches, which has resulted in nicknames for the building such as the “Whale”. Daylight dictates the atmosphere as the traveller moves through the structure. As the natural light and the weather change, so the light entering through the carefully placed windows and skylights is reflected by the exposed structure, changing dynamically and adding a further dimension to the spatial experience. Many professional lighting design practices shy away from dealing with daylighting. The “best” reason invoked for this approach is the lack of control one has over the attributes of daylight and sunlight as light sources: their position and orientation, their colour and hue, their brightness and intensity, their distribution and their flux variations. The ability the lighting designer has to impact on the designed visual environment by specifying a specific light source among hundreds, embedded in a specific luminaire among thousands allowing for the fine tailoring of the above mentioned attributes, coupled with stateof- the-art control technology is naturally determinant in the choice of the majority of professionals as to the ge neral orientation of their practice. Furthermore, the electrical light sources are independent of time and can be used anywhere as long as they have an adequate source of power. However, Light is Light, no matter what source it comes from, therefore a Lighting Designer should be able to deal with daylight and sunlight by the same token he / she deals with electrical light (otherwise he / she should be called an Electrical Lighting Designer…). […]


The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 67

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