Project team:

Client: Green Ocean Investments: Konoba Restaurant & Bar, Angelfish Bayside Marina, Roche Caiman, Mahé/SC
Architect, lead designer and landscape design: Albert Angle
Lighting design: Albert Angle and Jovelyn Philogene, New York/USA;
Shoal sculpture: Scabetti – Doninic and Frances Bromley, Leek/GB


Products applied:

Pendant luminaries: Artemide
Lighting equipment: American DJ

05. Sep 2012

The Konoba bar and restaurant on the island of Mathé in the Seychelles

Text: Joachim Ritter, Alison Ritter
Photos: Dusan Kochol

If “immersion” is the state of consciousness where an immersed person’s awareness of physical self is diminished or even lost when surrounded in an engrossing environment, this surely is what we need on a regular basis to escape the troubles and chores of everyday life. Add this idea to an address on the island of Mahé in the Seychelles and you are talking holiday big time.

Designing bars and pubs in holiday resorts is not an easy task, because the target groups are extremely complex. This is especially true of restaurants, which have to meet the needs of a wide audience. Such spaces need to lend themselves to families and party-goers, to holidaymakers from far away and to locals. Everyone has to feel at home or at least feel the space is designed specifically for them. The island of Mahé in the Seychelles is 28 kilometres long and is surrounded by other islands. This is where the Konoba Bar is located. The new bar and restaurant is striking – not for the kind of extravagance that is typical of many holiday bars, but thanks to a combination of calming elements that were inspired by nature coupled with a lighting design concept that adds the right amount of excitement to the architecture and forms it supports. The brief was to create “a new type of social destination for the island of Mahé – a space that transforms from family restaurant to nightclub at a flick of a switch– catering to a wide audience from local residents to itinerant tourists”. Further, the space was to be “colourful and approachable yet sleek and modern”, addressing the client’s love of boats and responding to the marina surroundings. Sounds straightforward enough, and yet the architect and lead designer on the project – who is based in New York City and no doubt has every reason to be wanting to create a convincing environment in which those suffering from permanent urban overload can happily lose themselves – took this to heart and came up with a concept that not only catches the light but our imagination and emotions. The challenge for Albert Angel and his team was to create and execute a design with almost non-existent local materials and scarce building and crafting skills. […]


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