27. Mar 2017

Lighting design workshop and seminar in the Art History Museum in Vienna featuring an evidence-based neuroscientific approach to lighting.

Finding the right lighting solution for culturally significant works of art is a real challenge for museums and galleries. Besides curatorial, restoration and technical aspects, there is also the question of how paintings are perceived by visitors to the art galleries. State-of-the-art lighting based on the latest scientific findings is now able to convey a hitherto unknown level of experience when viewing art works. For this reason, a practical lighting design workshop followed by a one-day seminar on the topic of “Immersive Art – lighting culturally significant works of art” will take place in the Art History Museum in Vienna/A from 20. – 22. June, 2017. The educational event is organised by VIA-Events, specialists in the management of professional education programmes on a global scale, in cooperation with the Art History Museum in Vienna.

Based on current research findings in the field of neuroscience, the workshop heads Franceso Iannone and Serena Tellini from the design practice Consuline in Milan/IT will be explaining and demonstrating to lighting designers, students, curators and museum staff in a two-day workshop lighting techniques which can enhance the art viewer’s perception. The workshop participants then have the opportunity to apply the know-how gained, working on paintings by Rubens, Dürer and Memling in specific galleries in the Art History Museum in Vienna.

On the third day, 22. June, 2017, a seminar will be held on the importance of professionally designed lighting in galleries and cultural buildings. The programme will comprise presentations in English by international speakers, followed by a tour of the installations realised during the workshop. The seminar is targeted towards lighting designers, museum directors, curators, restorers, technical staff in museums and galleries, researchers and other professionals. Attendees and invited guests are invited to a closing reception in the museum.

The installations realised during the workshop will remain in place for three further weeks to enable visitors to the gallery to view the newly illuminated works.

Certificates will be awarded to those attending the workshop. Attendance at the workshop and seminar is recognised by the PLD Alliance PLD©PD platform as a CPD module.

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Location: Palace of Fine Arts, Art History Museum Vienna, Burgring 5, 1010 Vienna/AT
Workshop dates: 20. – 21. June, 2017
Seminar date: 22. June, 2017

Further information: Immersive art

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