29. Feb 2016


It has a diameter of 120 millimetres and serves as a medium for music, videos and LEDs. LEDs? Correct. The same data storage format developed to store and play sound and video recordings is now being used as a backing material for LED arrays. Not only for technical reasons, but also as a way of offering a creative and unique design solution.

The arrays comprise as many as 80 LEDs and deliver a luminous flux of up to 500 lumens at a power consumption of 5 watts. LED-CD and SB-CD are based on a transparent circuit board. The LEDs are integrated into the board, allowing the disc to remain ultra-flat. The silver PCB tracks are either vapour-deposited or printed onto the carrier. Electrical contact is effected via conductive pastes, which explains why the array is just 1.8 millimetres thick. In addition, ultra-flat lens attachments or integrated optics are spaced very close to the light source. Users can define their individual preferences for focussed light or wide-beam distribution, and the product can be supplied to meet user requirements. LED technology merges with CDs to create highly original light sources and luminaires. A further advantage is that it is possible to produce the LED discs in large quantities.

Colour temperature: 2700/3000/4000 Kelvin
Luminous flux: 400 to 500 lm
Beam angle without optics < 110°

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