08. Sep 2014

The inexpressible expressed through light

Design and photos: Atmos
Software design: Adam Stark

Media and design studio Atmos designed and realised the “Arboreal Lightning” installation – a large-scale interactive LED tree – as the centrepiece of the Reverb Festival 2014 in the Camden Roundhouse in London/UK. The unique installation is designed to symbolically link artists and audience. The inexpressible feelings we all have when music really gets through to us were to be translated into an array of sparkling colour by the abstract reproduction of a tree made up of LEDs.

A series of flexible LED strips were mounted on the lightweight central structure that represented the tree trunk and dominated the stage for this year’s edition of the annual festival, which is dedicated to contemporary classical as well as innovative visionary music. Individual ‘branches’ arched dramatically along the Roundhouse structure, a few even bowing down into the audience. Altogether 1500 metres of flexible LED strips were applied to define the trunk and treetop. Thanks to the special “TreeJ” software programmed by Adam Stark the LEDs could be controlled via sensors to respond to sound and gestures. Audience applause was translated into a brilliantly colourful blend of lighting effects, and the classical music played by the London Contemporary Orchestra complemented by a backdrop of shimmering colour – a remarkable, sensuous and absolutely unique son et lumière spectacle.


TechCityinsider interview: Alex Haw from C21Media on Vimeo.

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