24. May 2016

Synergetic cooperation

Ameluna is a unique luminaire that has resulted from the synergetic cooperation of two companies with common corporate values: Artemide and Mercedes-Benz. The vision they share is to produce high-quality sustainable products, built around the competences they have in the field of research and innovation. The research and development carried out at Artemide for the well-being of the environment is based on their respect for nature. The focus is on the human being and what s/he experiences and perceives – the goal being to sustainably enhance the quality of life on our planet.

Ameluna combines beauty and intelligence. Its transparent form, coupled with dynamic light, is able to generate a countless number of scenarios. The interplay of pure forms and asymmetric volume triggers tension and a deeply emotional response. Ameluna features an innovative optoelectronic system which is integrated into the transparent housing. The LED strip is mounted on a patented aluminium band which is connected to the optical system and is concealed from view behind the lower profile. The transparent body distributes direct and partially refracted light into the space. An RGBW LED spotlight can be applied if coloured light is required to generate atmosphere.


Ameluna (11)

Ameluna (2)

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