05. Oct 2015

Designing a meeting point between the earth and the sea

Design and renderings: Guillaume Mazars

“Ambient Light” is the name Australian architect Guillaume Mazars gave to his design proposal for a kiosk on the lakefront in Chicago/USA. The design competition was part of the Chicago Architecture Biennale 2015.

The key elements on which the design concept was based are: the horizon, natural light and the sky itself. The kiosk is built on a circular floor plan and is visually open to its surroundings, framing views and accentuating the light of the moment.

The lightweight structure consists of a steel tube frame held in place by fabric cables. Many elements of the design echo waterfront activities, such as sailing and kiting. The kiosk is basically open to the sky, whereby a suspended fabric ring indicates roof level and provides some shade.

The outer skin of the kiosk comprises a translucent fabric filter that diffuses the light and brings the colour of the sky inside. Natural light and its inherent qualities permeate the space.


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