23. Oct 2013

Everything under control


Lighting control and lighting management are among the most important tasks facing the lighting designer today and in the future. Why is this whole topic so neglected or glossed over by so many when means a designer’s position on the market could be at stake?

According to the lighting industry, sales in the lighting management sector in the next seven years are looking to triple from two to up to nine billion euros. Modern lighting design is based on LED technology, which inevitably requires lighting control for the design to be realised. And when it comes to energy saving, lighting management is doubtless a key tool. If you want to be part of the lighting market in future, acquiring the skills to be able to handle lighting controls is crucial. Right now many lighting designers see lighting control and lighting management as a burden rather than a chance. Technical know-how is the basis for successful lighting management. For many designers this presents an insurmountable barrier. It is time to re-think. Our dossier includes statements from lighting designers and experts from around the world on the topic. Their comments are intended to dispel fears and encourage designers re-think and adjust to reality. […]

The following articles are included in this dossier:

Earl Levin, Light and Shadow: Reducing costs through lighting control. Lighting management skills are a big plus for lighting specialists

Paul Ehlert, Eposdesign: Trusting in yourself is good, control is better. Even lighting management needs a human brain to steer it

Niclas Arvidsson, Wireless Solution: Do we still need cables? It is no good generalising. Not on this issue, either

Ta-Wei Lin, CMA Lighting Design: Burden or key to success? How important is lighting control/management for professional lighting designers today, and are they qualified to design controlled lighting?


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