15. Aug 2014

Light Barrier – toying with human perception

Artists: Kimchi und Chips-Mimi Son & Elliot Woods
Photos: Alexander Delovoy and Tom Higham

“Light Barrier” is a perceptual light art installation designed by Elliot Woods and Mimi Son from Seoul and was first shown at the New Media Night Festival in Nikola-Lenivets Park in Kaluga/RUS from 4. to 6. June, 2014. The installation creates floating three-dimensional graphic objects by crossing millions of calibrated beams of light in a field of fog and generating a series of bright spots. The more beams that cross, the more intriguing the 3D effect becomes.

And how does it work? A set of projectors are positioned directly above a series of curved mirrors at an angle of 45 degrees. Curved mirrors reflect the light in different directions. Each reflected “pixel” travels along a unique path through space, creating a massive light field display. The installation is aligned so that the light is generally reflected horizontally towards the audience. The fascination of light and space displayed in a field of fog in the form of finely defined shapes…

The light art piece is to be next exhibited in Seoul in September as part of the Da Vinci Festival.


Light Barrier, 2014 from Mimi Son on Vimeo.

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