31. Oct 2014

Subtile einzigartige Lichtschriftzüge

Subtle luminous lettering

Photos: Lucem

In the middle of the desert there are a number of magnificent cities reminiscent of the “One Thousand and One Nights” stories: among them the ultra-modern city of Abu Dhabi/UAE. Besides the newly constructed road and highway systems and striking high-rise buildings Abu Dhabi features today there are also a number of magnificent mosques that make for a significant part of the cityscape, for example the Al Aziz Mosque, which is currently under construction on Al Reem Island and due for completion at the end of 2014. One of the natural stone façades comprises a stunning calligraphic optic that displays 99 different names of Allah. As darkness falls the Arabic lettering generates an impressive lighting effect.

The 515 square metre facade consists of 207 light-transmitting concrete panels, each measuring around 180 by 140 by four centimetres. The panels are sandblasted to reflect the optic of hand-carved natural stone to match the other natural stone used in other parts of the mosque. The optical fibres in the concrete transmit the light provided by LED modules installed behind the facade. The lettering becomes softly luminous in the dark, emanating a fascinating and inspiring glow.

Project team:

Client: HAMG, Hassan Abdullah Mohammed Group, Abu Dhabi
Architects: APG Architecture and Planning Group
Realisation: Salam Enterprises, Dubai / Lucem, Deutschland
Idea: Wolfgang von Zoubek, ALD/Germany, Yasser Fuad, APG/Abu Dhabi and Marijan Barlé, Lucem/Ger

Products applied:

LED modules, IP 66, Osram
Lighting-emitting concrete, Lucem


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