Auszeichnungen: Akari-Lisa Ishii receives the ACE Prix de la Conception Lumière

19. Nov 2015

Water Tower in Cherbourg-Octeville/F

Photos: Akari-Lisa Ishii – I.C.O.N.

Akari-Lisa Ishii has been awarded the “Prix de la Conception Lumière 2015” by the French lighting designers’ association ACE for her sensitive and unique lighting design for the Cherbourg-Octeville/F Water Tower. The jury particularly commended the ecological approach to the project.

Cherbourg was looking for a new symbol to update its image through lighting. The 34-metre high, dynamically shaped sculpture-like water tower is visible from all over town as well as from the sea. Given the water tower’s geographical and political context, the lighting design concept focused on creating a “symbolic urban lighthouse”. The lighting changes colour every day. Since the tower is located at the highest point in town, the selection of colours was inspired by the “sky”: light blue for moonlight (Monday), fiery red for Mars (Tuesday), metallic violet for Mercury (Wednesday), natural green for Jupiter (Thursday), golden yellow for Venus (Friday), earthy orange for Saturn (Saturday), and synthetic white to represent rays of sunshine (Sunday).

Three RGB LED projectors are strategically positioned to illuminate one side of the water tower, while the other half of the tower is lit by white light using three metal halide projectors. The lighting on the side facing the new residential neighbourhood remains static. The light is focused on the upper part of the structure, leaving the lower part much darker and thus lending the structure an air of mystery.
Ten square metres of solar panels on the roof, which produce 1500 watts of power per hour, provide the electricity required for the floodlighting.

Project team:

Realisation: 11. October, 2013
Architects: Atelier Lab
Lighting design: Akari-Lisa Ishii and I.C.O.N.

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