09. Sep 2015

A mass of coloured fluorescent lamps conjure up…
white light!

Installation: Liz West
Photos: Stephen Iles

Liz West’s “Additive Mix” lighting installation is part of the Light Fantastic exhibition at the National Media Museum in Bradford/UK. A ceiling construction comprising 250 coloured linear fluorescent lamps combined with walls covered with ‘infinity’ mirrors bathes the museum space in – wait for it – white light. The concept revolves around the principle that white light is composed of different colours of the spectrum (additive colours) and places people in the centre of the phenomenon. Joseph Albers’ book Interaction of Color (1963) was Liz West’s inspiration for this work.

The new work, West’s largest commission to date, turns this occurrence of natural science on its head, reassembling the diffracted colours of the rainbow and projecting them to ‘infinity’ as visitors explore the space. The purpose-built exhibition room measures ten by five metres. The T8 fluorescent lamps are fitted with cellulose gels and generate 191 different colours in total.

“Additive Mix” is installed untill 1. November, 2015.


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